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  1. Edward Bartel 2 Mar 2013 Reply

    Could be worse (I.e. 2008)

  2. Mike Disbury 2 Mar 2013 Reply


  3. Alex Rodrigues 2 Mar 2013 Reply

    I love to see a debate about that on meevsu.com

  4. Kevin Gault 2 Mar 2013 Reply


  5. Glendon Perkins 2 Mar 2013 Reply


  6. Mikhail Garber 2 Mar 2013 Reply

    Yes, historically US is in the best shape when President and Congress are locked in

  7. Adrián Butcher 2 Mar 2013 Reply


  8. Brett Moore 2 Mar 2013 Reply

    Sadly, no… and here's why…


  9. Hugo Whistle 2 Mar 2013 Reply

    capital gains…major pains…

  10. Micah Burke 2 Mar 2013 Reply

    Taxes are higher. Free speech and practice of religion is suppressed. Unemployment is still exceedingly high. We're killing civilians with robots all over the globe.  I say no.

  11. Josh Beckwith 2 Mar 2013 Reply

    Jeez. It's anyone happy with anything any more?

  12. Olav de With 2 Mar 2013 Reply

    +Josh Beckwith Very good question, learn to enjoy small things in live …………chance come when the wall street system chances.
    So not making money with high risks but making money at a more  saver way longer term investments.

    And USA why you can build B-2's but not invest in proper infrastructure. or solar energies you can also create jobs with that?
    So you don't need making wars to get your fuel supply from the Middle east.
    Do you know that your so called friends in the middle east support terrorist groups so the have a double agenda……..Pakistan Saudi Arabia……

    In Europe we should look more to the East were Russia has enough gas and other resources.

    Let the people in the Middle east deal with their one problems, fear against other minded people Muslim's that are killing Muslim……. 

    And ohooooo yes we in the west are responsible for that, after more than 50 years independence, they can not life peace fully together! 
    Chance or revolution start's in a country it self not by " help" form abroad ,by politicians with so called good idea's 
    Selling F-16 to Iraq, is not so clever ,the need help in building up infrastructure education.

    So sorry for my maybe very worse written English …………
    But all that gizmo talks about TAX TAX and Obama versus Republicans.God bless America maybe you should count your blessings that you live in a country that's free in a Democratic way, you can moan about everything but their is always light at the end off the tunnel have faith !!!

    Greetings from the Netherlands……..and have a nice day!

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