Last of the Stanford Photowalk photos

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at least for now.. time to stop editing and go take other new stuff……

In the end embraced that on large photowalks why wait for people to get out of the shot when you can capture them in it…….

I am so used to lenses that have huge defocus getting used to a wide angle with sharpness everywhere will take a pile more photos…..

#critiques – Critiques Welcome

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  1. Ranjan Saraswati 19 Aug 2011 Reply


  2. Brent Burzycki 19 Aug 2011 Reply

    +Ranjan Saraswati thanks…

  3. Ryan C. Anderson 19 Aug 2011 Reply

    nice. the b&w looks good

  4. Eric Zim 19 Aug 2011 Reply

    I'm stunned. I'm glad you have the guy in the shot because this looks unreal, like CGI (or sometimes bad HDR), except in a really cool way. If the person wasn't there, I'd wonder if you cut and paste a 3D model into the scene. All of which looks very neat in black and white. Nice!

  5. Brent Burzycki 19 Aug 2011 Reply

    Thanks for the comments, I am trying different ways of doing many of the same stuff I see, if it's all correct is always a tough call…. In the end it's making photography fun for me and getting me motivated to shoot new things…..

  6. I like the angle you chose, Brent.
    looks very good in B&W too

  7. Brent Burzycki 20 Aug 2011 Reply

    +Gil D. Faingezicht thanks…… trying to show a bit of scale and take advantage of this new massivly wide lens…

  8. What lens is it?

  9. Brent Burzycki 20 Aug 2011 Reply

    +Gil D. Faingezicht 14-24 Nikon F2.8 – Which basically equals a house payment I should be making……. all my lens investments are like icons of how much longer I will not be a home owner….and still renting….

  10. but what a sweet lens… =)

  11. Brent Burzycki 20 Aug 2011 Reply

    +Gil D. Faingezicht yes.. I have to say it is quite amazing….and highly reccomended, and I really need to learn how to use it to the best of its abilities….hopefully with a pile of help from people here on G+

  12. I am more of a Canon guy, Brent. But I sure would like a really wide lens =)

  13. Brent Burzycki 20 Aug 2011 Reply

    +Gil D. Faingezicht Its ok they make a converter for it to work on a canon.. 🙂

  14. Brent Burzycki 20 Aug 2011 Reply

    +Alexander S. Kunz I might actually re-edit it – it is actually much wider and taller..

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