Kinda low

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  1. William Waggener 16 Sep 2015 Reply

    This. Is. Fucking. Cool. Yep

  2. ronald raber 16 Sep 2015 Reply

    +William Waggener yes sir e Bob its so kool its gonna make me fart

  3. CHARLES SMITH 16 Sep 2015 Reply

    Love your blue bike

  4. ronald raber 16 Sep 2015 Reply

    +CHARLES SMITH can I take it 4 a spin real quick……..shocks,pegs,….lucky

  5. CHARLES SMITH 16 Sep 2015 Reply

    Looking for a coffee shop

  6. Mo Lersphong 16 Sep 2015 Reply

    What a type of this ?

  7. Dean Sonneborn 16 Sep 2015 Reply

    Ever got the brakes on.

  8. Ubbe Fr 16 Sep 2015 Reply

    The bridge allows 46 m tall ships pass below it, so it's not extremely low.

  9. Dean Sonneborn 16 Sep 2015 Reply

    Must be using the GPS to plot a route to the airport.

  10. Joshua McIlroy 16 Sep 2015 Reply


  11. David Shimabukuro 16 Sep 2015 Reply

    Yea, looks low to me. What the heck is that flap / door doing up / open in back of the cockpit?

  12. Anthony Metcalf 16 Sep 2015 Reply

    Air brake….. All the other flaps look to be up.

  13. photoshopped, there ain't any turbulence on water

  14. The bridge is like 80-120 feet High…40-60 meters… You can see the plane is almost flying above road on the bridge ! Airbrakes are out to fly slower for the photoshoot…

  15. anudeep reddy 16 Sep 2015 Reply


  16. +Patrick Born Air Brakes on and no flaps? That thing is gong in the water. Nice Photoshop job though.

  17. Jordan Carranza 16 Sep 2015 Reply

    Also there is no reflection on the water so yes I'll say is a Photoshop…

  18. Joseph Du Verney 16 Sep 2015 Reply

    How does that look fake? It's not that low. And you only need flaps to land.

  19. Photoshop or not, it's a cool pic! Thanks for sharing it!☺☺☺☺

  20. Jordan Carranza 16 Sep 2015 Reply

    Oh yeah ! It's definitely a cool pic !!

  21. Jacek Karpinski 16 Sep 2015 Reply

    Cool, toilet seat up, low pass to dump evidence under the bridge.

  22. James Anderson 16 Sep 2015 Reply

    This sure looks like a Russian fighter jet mig 35 or so.

  23. Henry Linneweh 16 Sep 2015 Reply

    hah, air brake is on

  24. Josafat Villeda 17 Sep 2015 Reply

    I cant run that fast

  25. Olav de With 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    +James Anderson try to read previous comments no need to comment in a asking way ….:-))

  26. Stephen Kirkner 20 Sep 2015 Reply

    Need to watch my 6. Migs in the area!

  27. Tammy Frazier 20 Sep 2015 Reply

    That's a sweet ride

  28. Писец вам суслики))

  29. Jack Glick 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    Mig 29?

  30. James Anderson 2 Oct 2015 Reply

    +Olav de With I'm sorry you are like you are.

  31. Vismay Soni 7 Oct 2015 Reply

    He is using hydraulic air brake to control and balance this mig

  32. Kurt Lusmays 10 Oct 2015 Reply

    Sukhoui 30 mk actually

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