Just when I thought I had seen everything

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  1. Warren Searle 8 Jun 2014 Reply

    Damn! +Raquel Sage +Rick B. thoughts?

  2. Raquel Sage 8 Jun 2014 Reply

    Damn?!? +Warren Searle, with something set up like that, I would love to see what they are hauling?!?

  3. Rick B 8 Jun 2014 Reply

    +Warren Searle Ohh Myy!! My mind is RACING trying to figure the build on this! Crazy! But awesome at the same time!

  4. Nick John 8 Jun 2014 Reply


  5. Darren Kitchen 8 Jun 2014 Reply

    What, I thought every Harley got to Sturgis on the back of these?

  6. Stuart Ponder 8 Jun 2014 Reply

    Amazing what people can create. (I also suspect the original sketches were drawn on a bar napkin).

  7. Brent Burzycki 8 Jun 2014 Reply

    +Stuart Ponder pretty sure that is where the best ideas usually come from..

  8. Stuart Ponder 8 Jun 2014 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki Agreed!

  9. Warren Searle 9 Jun 2014 Reply

    +Rick B, isn't this just mind blowing? I have never seen anything like this even attempted. From an engineering point of view it's quite the feat…

  10. Amanda Wootten 9 Jun 2014 Reply

    Wow…soooo innovative and unique! Incredible creativity!

  11. Brent Burzycki 9 Jun 2014 Reply

    Here is more info on this thing….

    "This was initially built as ” The Nine Wheel Harley Rig “. It was built in the late 80′s by Kenneth Kilpatrick of Huntsville Alabama. I see from this photo It has since been modified to incorporate a second front wheel making it now ” The Ten Wheel Harley Rig “. The tractor is a modified Harley Davidson FLT. The interior of the trailer is nicely finished. Kenneth did received license from HD to utilize their paint scheme and logo. I am told, at Harley Davidson’s expense, Kenneth has been able to show his Rig in several countries around the world. Previous comments show some find Kenneth’s creation a waste of time and money. I for one think not."

  12. Warren Searle 9 Jun 2014 Reply

    Amen +Brent Burzycki.

  13. Rick B 9 Jun 2014 Reply

    +Warren Searle you are so right! I would LOVE to get up close to that just to see how it was done! Master craftwork there!

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