Just in case anyone here works on cars 12V systems or other 12v electrical projects…

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Just in case anyone here works on cars 12V systems or other 12v electrical projects – we have an online store we are closing up that sells Power Probe diagnostic tools…


If you ever wanted one – grab one now as we are blowing out all our remaining inventory….


The Power Probe line of products are state of the art automotive circuit testers. Whether you’re just working on your car at home or you're servicing a fleet of commercial vehicles, Power Probe products are here to save you from the headaches and extra cost that come from hard to find or misdiagnosed electrical problems.

Once you've connected a Power Probe device to your vehicle battery you will have an amazing variety of testers at your fingertips…

Measure Voltage
Test Continuity
Power-Up Components
Test Bad Grounds
Listen to Active Audio Channels
Detect Alternator Ripple
Capture Min/Max Voltage Readings
20ft Lead Gives You Freedom to Move

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  1. Cameron Siguenza 23 Jan 2013 Reply

    That's very cool. I am just finishing a dual battery setup with a big true sine wave inverter system, as I am going to get a winch / air system for offroad photo adventures later this year. Hmmm… might be getting one, very tempting.

  2. Brent Burzycki 23 Jan 2013 Reply

    they work great…. its a really nice tool – only reason we sell them was so my staff and friends could get a good price on them…

    We have sold hundreds of them to techs across the world… 

    better hurry – at least from us they will not last…we are trying to close up the site ASAP to save on the online sales and ads fees…

  3. Keith Benedetti 23 Jan 2013 Reply

    soooooooooooooooo tempting…….

  4. Brent Burzycki 23 Jan 2013 Reply

    +Keith Benedetti if you need one call my office talk to amy… You get a better price…

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