Just a reminder to get in on this upcoming online seminar this week if you have not…

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Just a reminder to get in on this upcoming online seminar this week if you have not yet signed up. I know many have differing opinions on Trey, but as one who has taken an online seminar – I have to say it was very well done and I still refer back to the materials to this day. 

I plan on re-learning and refreshing a ton based on this one… also I am all for learning how others do things to better my own performance….

Reshared post from +Brent Burzycki

I highly recommend these trainings +Trey Ratcliff does online – Especially for the beginner, thou any semi pro or pro could get great info from them also

I took the HDR tutorial and not only did I learn a ton (I had never shot one HDR before the online seminar) but I made cool friends and still have copies of the tutorial to reference. I do not shoot everyday and I forget a ton of things, to be able to shoot back into the seminar and refresh my memory is worth the money alone.

Right now you and a friend can sign up for the class for a special price, I am actually going to sign up myself and one of my employees as a gift as he is just starting out and this will get him up to speed in a very short time frame. 

Here is the link to use for the special deal: http://goo.gl/LGsWx

I usually never promo anything I have not used, in this case I have paid for with my own money and will again. You cannot beat this price for the amount of information you will get.

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