It is quite common to see completely different afterburner colors in Russian Aircraft. *Different colors. To me that would mean that they are burning at different temperatures and that would mean a power difference. Anyone no more about this?

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  1. Нет это не так. Под разным углом, разное преломление света. Вы наверно замечали особенность русских двигателей, что они коптят. Так вот номинально тяга одинакова, плюс контроль автоматики дожигания и подачи топлива. С даной проблемой столкнулись при создании миг 31. Учитывая большой размер их сопел. Проблема решилась элементарно. На номинальных мощностях, при дозвуковой скорости компрессор отдельно подает разное количество кислорода в камеру горения. Из за этого по разному и горят. Стоит добавить, что при высшем пилотажа, постоянно используется рукоятка тяги, а их сдвигают не всегда ровно, ступеньками. Левой, правой, левой, правой.

  2. David Cheng 25 Oct 2015 Reply


  3. Eleana Campoverde 25 Oct 2015 Reply

    Beautiful post. Thanks my dear.🌷 🌹

  4. Louis Smith 25 Oct 2015 Reply

    This is beautiful..

  5. Ray Powell 25 Oct 2015 Reply

    Such power , I can only imagine what it is like to fly ,👍👍👍

  6. Gman 25 Oct 2015 Reply


  7. Probably because anything russian made besides AK's are shit

  8. Ray Powell 25 Oct 2015 Reply

    Your certainly right about AKs!!

  9. Reo Cruz 25 Oct 2015 Reply

    That differential burn.

  10. Timothy Baskett 26 Oct 2015 Reply

    +Shay Cormac No more so than your opinion.

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  13. Ray Powell 26 Oct 2015 Reply

    I seem to remember that Russia was allies with Hitler at one time! Or was that just a slip of memory?

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  15. Ray Powell 26 Oct 2015 Reply

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  17. Ray Powell 26 Oct 2015 Reply

    Yes I know that , it helped our country prepare for the on coming war ,it
    gave us time!! All country's have signed peace treaty's and regretted it
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    All the best ?

  18. hypocritical Anglo-Saxons have always used double standards and lie about other country

  19. Terry Hill 26 Oct 2015 Reply

    I agree with you it may have been too that he is flying inverted

  20. Ray Powell 26 Oct 2015 Reply

    I note air intakes are open , situated in front of missile rack should that make a difference to the air flow to the engines during manoeuvring?

  21. +Ray Powell двигатель двухконтурный.

  22. Timothy Baskett 27 Oct 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов Shay Cormac is an uncivilized bastard, and doesn't speak for all of us.

  23. +Ray Powell Россия никогда не была союзником Гитлера, а вот Америка поставляла двигатели, технику и кредиты фашистам.

  24. seide wolsabo 27 Oct 2015 Reply

    I can understand now why the some.communities and the working people,obviously United state thinks they are at war with middle east,once I remember middle east tried to save humanity by donating blood …

  25. Olav de With 1 Nov 2015 Reply

    come guys stop the political debate lets enjoy this great sukhoi su-27 photo !!

  26. Ray Powell 1 Nov 2015 Reply

    Has anyone worked out yet why the engines are different colours yet?

  27. Olav de With 1 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Ray Powell

    A good explanation by mister +Keith Abnett
    It simply might be because the engine throttles are at different settings, but I doubt it when a pilot is doing an inverted manoeuvre. The fuel burn colour in afterburning (sometimes know as reheat) depends upon a variety of factors like the amount of oxygen being consumed, amount of carbon being burnt in both the combustion chambers as well as the jet pipe. Also you have to consider whether there any additives that have been added (like de-icing) and held in suspension in the fuel.
    A good example of how the colour of a flame changes in a bunsen burner (sigh school days!-) if you rotate the collar around the air inlet hole burner's tube. The flame ranges from light blue to red/orange depending on the amount of oxygen being let through.

  28. Ray Powell 1 Nov 2015 Reply

    Thanks that clears up the mystery all the best ray from UK

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