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Magic Bullet Arsenal is a mobile, connected portfolio for showing and sharing your creative work. Arsenal makes it easy to create rich, customized portfolios of the images and movies on your iPad, on Dropbox, or FTP—and share them with anyone. Arsenal Collections are simple, gorgeous, graphical presentations that you can browse by touch, launch as a slideshow, and customize with your own logo. Anyone can view a Collection with our free Arsenal Reader app, and once you link a Collection to folders in the cloud, Arsenal keeps it in sync for every viewer.

Main Features:

Arsenal is easy to browse. The Light Table display is a unique way of browsing images and movies. Your Collections can contain as many “Strips” as you like, and each Strip scrolls independently.
Arsenal files are tiny. Email an Arsenal Collection that is linked to Dropbox or FTP. Recipients can use the free Arsenal Reader to see exactly the presentation you designed, even your logo.
Your projects are always in sync. Once you share a project to Dropbox, FTP or an exported file, Arsenal keeps the project updated for every viewer. You can change your presentation after it’s sent!
Arsenal Reader is FREE. Share your Arsenal project file with anyone — all your colleague needs is our free Arsenal Reader app, an iPad and a network connection.

Technical Notes:

Technical support: Original iPad 1, iPad 2 and new iPad; and iOS 4.2 and iOS 5.0+.
Retina display: Full support for the new iPad’s Retina display.
File support: JPG and PNG photo formats; H.264 and MPEG-4 video in .mp4 and .mov formats.
Image support: Images up to 5,000 pixels wide or high; original iPad images up to 3,000 pixels.

Create simple beautiful presentations:

Arsenal is great for any creative professional in a client-based business. Arsenal puts your images and movies into a simple, gorgeous presentation that can even include your logo. Show off the creative work from your business, whether you’re a filmmaker with a project reel, a real estate agent selling houses, or an Ebay merchant sharing a product line.

Your Collections are always in sync:

Once you share an Arsenal Collection, Arsenal keeps the portfolio updated for everybody. Your Collection can sync online to Dropbox or FTP, or link to an Arsenal file that you’ve emailed. If you make a change, Arsenal can update the Collection so it looks as you intended, even after you’ve sent the presentation.

Sharing is free with Arsenal Reader:

Magic Bullet Arsenal is for everyone, even folks who don’t own it. Does a new client want to see your presentation? Maybe your boss needs to quickly see an idea revised. Share your Collection as an Arsenal file, then have your colleague open it with our free Arsenal Reader app. It’s a easy, fast way to keep people connected to your work.

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