Interesting Job Posting for Pro Photographer in the Los Angeles Area

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2.1  Project Scope of Work 

The  Harbor  Department  is  seeking  the  services  of  a  professional  freelance photographer to provide on-call,on-site photography for use 
in the promotion of the Port of  Los  Angeles  through  publications,  press  releases  and  other  media.  The  services  may involve  day 
and/or night aerial  and  ground  shots  throughout the  Port of Los Angeles  and the  Greater  Los  Angeles  area. High  Definition  (HD)  videographer  
services  may  also  be requested. The  required  work  will  involve  acquisition  of  high-resolution,  professionally 
composed digital camera images shot from land, on the water, or from the air.  A  variety  of lenses  may  be  required  including,  
but  not  limited  to,  wide  angle  and  telephoto  lenses.  Acceptable  digital  camera  equipment  must  feature  at  least  an  11­
5 mega pixel  image  sensor and  be  capable  of producing  RGB  RAW image  files.  All  on-call 
photography assignments shall  be  delivered on  Mac compatible Flash  Drives,  CD  or DVD 
disks,  a  portable  hard  drive  as  high  resolution,  or  color  corrected  JPEG  images.  The 
Harbor  Department  Graphics  Supervisor  may  request  specific  file  formats  on  a  per job 
basis.  On  occasion,  rush  photos  may  be  delivered  via  email  or  by  large  file  format 

High  Definition  (1080p)  video  clips  may  be  requested  during  occasional 
assignments.  This  can  be  accomplished  using  professional  quality  Digital  SLRs,  and  not 
require a separate camera, although the latter would be acceptable as well. 
All  photographs  or  videos  resulting  from  assignments  performed  under  this 
agreement  will  become  the  property  of  the  Harbor  Department,  which  will  have  sole 
discretion  of their use,  including  printing,  sharing with  media  outlets or customers,  or any 
other  electronic  form  of  distribution.  Although  this  work  may  ultimately  be  included  in 
publications or presentations, credit to the on-call photographer is not guaranteed. 
Photography  in  and  around  the  Port  of  Los  Angeles  is  contingent  on  weather 
conditions  and  fluctuations  in  times  of vessel  arrivals and  departures.  Harbor Department 
staff will assist in  arranging access to secured areas, as appropriate. 
This RFP  is expected to result in  an  on-call agreement in which photographer is  not 
guaranteed any specific amount of work during term of the agreement.

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  1. Craig Pifer 16 Aug 2012 Reply

    I wonder what their compensation schedule looks like. It appears to be a work-for-hire situation since they then own the images, but it could be a decent gig for someone, perhaps.

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