Instagram now updated with fewer features

11 Dec 2012 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Darren Krusi 11 Dec 2012 Reply

    Curious. Is that an audio book for the Hitchhiker's Guide?

  2. Brent Burzycki 11 Dec 2012 Reply

    Sure is… There are about 10 versions… These are the dramatized ones… Probably the 5th time I have listened to them…

  3. Mark Bienvenu 11 Dec 2012 Reply

    Twitter button is gone?  I rarely used it anyway – usually just uploaded the original crop to Twitter if I wanted.

    I see that now all pictures are saved to their own Instagram album on iOS.  I like that; Snapseed started doing the same thing on the last update.

  4. Rae Williams 11 Dec 2012 Reply

    Well you know Instagram and Twitter are in a tech battle for supremacy. +Brent Burzycki 

  5. William Shockley 11 Dec 2012 Reply

    My twitter button is still there.  They just don't show up as images via twitter anymore, just links back to Instagram.  Kind of a bummer really, but then again who gives a rat's ass?

  6. Brent Burzycki 12 Dec 2012 Reply

    +Rae Williams I think its more a tech battle for advertising space… I want you here I do not want to share with you..

    Honestly thou with everyone in bed with others you have to pick a side… I just hate when features are removed from items.. but I also rarely used instagram… and the hashtag craze there is out of control…

    +William Shockley pretty much 🙂 – I am just adding to the whinefest that is first world issues…

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