Info from +Reed Timmer – Probably one of the better info sources since he is on…

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Info from +Reed Timmer – Probably one of the better info sources since he is on the ground chasing the terror….

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Devastating tornado tore through Moore, OK earlier today.. described by KFOR-TV as worse than May 3, 1999. Latest report is 24 children lost their lives in an elementary school in Moore, OK. I am at a loss for words… This is about as tragic as a tornado can get. Our thoughts and prayers are with those that lost everything with this tragedy. 

Here is video of the tornado taken by the Basehunters showing how violent this tornado was. And this supercell spun up so fast the warning was not nearly as advanced as the more long-track May 3, 1999 supercell. Thank god for Jon Welsh and Chopper 4 and the rest of the chasers on the ground providing as much warning as possible for this tornado. 
5/20/13 Moore, OK Devastating Tornado

I sent a text message to a teacher friend of mine asking her to get everyone south out of the path, and she responded and said she and the kids had to ride it out and was the only option. Just heard and they are okay.

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  1. Reg Ervin 21 May 2013 Reply

    Having gone through the May 11,1970 tornado in Lubbock, TX, my thoughts are with your community.

  2. Gary Sprague 21 May 2013 Reply

    Nice job guys 

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