I would so do this

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  1. Elizabeth Hahn 21 Dec 2012 Reply

    Can you bring duct tape on planes?  

  2. Brent Burzycki 21 Dec 2012 Reply

    This is how kids learn when they have terrible parents…..

    Its the best way I learned as a kid.. words can be more powerful than touching the hot stove….

  3. Chris Sewell 21 Dec 2012 Reply


  4. Elizabeth Hahn 21 Dec 2012 Reply


  5. Brent Burzycki 21 Dec 2012 Reply

    +J. Rae Chip messing with peoples minds is great fun…. say three words and change their entire lives… just think how long it would take for this kid to trust his parents again… and how much money they will need to spend on presents this year…..

    When people are complete asses and it effects hundreds  and they do nothing.. it is time to show a "parent" how to be a real parent… I got my ass beat left and right as a kid.. I did something stupid and got punished… I figured it out…

    I cannot discipline others kids as badly as many might need it.. but like the above.. you can do something… it might be mean.. and the kid is not really the problem – but this would be the road to more family bonding for months to come…. thus instilling the importance of parenting..

  6. Sandra Parlow 21 Dec 2012 Reply

    omg… so good!!!

  7. Ananda Sim 21 Dec 2012 Reply

    What a coincidence. Our whole plane, an Airbus jet waited while one row of people were late. They turned out to be a couple and four kids. Then the kid started kicking the back of my seat and did that for an hour or more – I felt, that I was on headphones, the seat was padded and what the hey, there are worse things in life. Then after the hour, I started to be irritated and my son asked me why I looked a bit peeved. I had headphones on and said in an loud voice – "I'm being irritated by the kid in the back" – after a while they switched the kid once and it started kicking my wife's chair and they moved it again.

    During our touristy ship cruise on across the scenic leg, another family replete with frail gran in a wheelchair and a tall father had a very loud 3 year old that was demanding – these parents were not caring about other people at all. Real pain.

  8. Paul Sierra 21 Dec 2012 Reply

    This. Is. Gold!

  9. Yifat Cohen 21 Dec 2012 Reply


  10. Jason Dunn 21 Dec 2012 Reply


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