I wish I could have been there to get shots here

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In album 9/11 Memorial – New York City (1 photo)

.. I am sure I will go one day…….

Really cool photos from +Christian Krieglsteiner

I wish there was a group Album on G+ where all these photos could be pooled for a huge memorial photo album.

Reshared post from +Christian Krieglsteiner

9/11 Memorial – South Pool

I was among the first admitted visitors to the 9/11 Memorial as it only opened to the public today on 12/9/2011

So these are probably among the first shots you will see from the actual memorial. I will just post some more in the next few minutes …

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  1. Jeffrey Ornstein 13 Sep 2011 Reply

    Very nice! My office overlooks the memorial North Pool. Oddly, there weren't too many people there today. I guess they didn't let too many in there on Monday. I also posted some pics a few days ago taken from my office window.

  2. James McGowan 13 Sep 2011 Reply

    Nice image.
    Hmm I like the idea of an image group or shared album, that has potential, would need some kind of moderator feature.

  3. Brent Burzycki 13 Sep 2011 Reply

    I guess technically I should have disabled comments here…. Well – my bad – I will tag +Christian Krieglsteiner to make sure he sees these…..

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