I will admit I think the hardest part of photography to crack is the viewers mind and not the photos quality or even the subject matter

09 Nov 2014 admin In G+ Posts

As I have used the +500px site for some time I have come to the understanding just how difficult it is to make the jump from 98% to 99.9% in the voting algorithm.

It's really hard – I am not one to be big on voting in general but it is nice to see that others appreciate your work, that said I believe even if you make a amazing image in your own mind, someone else has always made a better one or one that at the time more viewers appreciate seeing.

The photo below at 98.8 (which I am not complaining about) to make the jump to the top of this page which is only a sub-category of "All Categories' (which is even more difficult to get to the top of) is a very big accomplishment – in upwards of thousands of views, votes and favorites.

I have to say I think the biggest secret to getting to the top of any page is based on many factors, timing of the post being a huge one and the general category posted too, along with the need for a great image and one that makes people look for more than 2 seconds at it.

I have also determined that Landscapes and Nature are hands down what people want to see. But it does seem that beautiful faces and bodies are a close second.

This all goes back to the issue of cracking the mind of the viewers, a goal that is in constant motion and never is the same day to day.


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  1. Brian Bonham 9 Nov 2014 Reply

    I have found it interesting to watch the various reactions to photos across the social media platforms. The algorithms, the timing of your post, the subject matter, etc all play into it but each of the social medias have a variety of audience. 500px is mostly photographers looking at other photographers so it is nice to get a good reaction there for a little validation of your work.

  2. Brent Burzycki 9 Nov 2014 Reply

    I will agree… To me 500px is like the ultimate critique.. With some normal people tossed in… While Facebook for me is more like only friends.. And they are the strangest bunch of all..

    Then here is a mix of photographers and non but more photographers…

    Sad part is none of those groups are really the groups that would ever buy or license an image.. So then you need to try to get exposed to those people also…

    Tricky game this photography…..

  3. Matt Vanecek 9 Nov 2014 Reply

    I LOVE and derive a ton of inspiration from the people photographs. I love observing people and interacting with them to make photographs. Not so big on random street photography; I'd rather have a connection. But the level of most people photography on 500px is pretty phenomenal. The landscapes are certainly spectacular and pretty to look at, but I'll never be close to a good location often enough to deliberately make great landscape photographs. But I'm around people ALL THE TIME! 🙂 I just put my own lack of "success" on 500px down to the relative quality of my photographs vs. the plethora of awesome work being posted out there. Plus I need to make photographs more often…but yeah, I think you're right on with respect to timing of the post.

    I think, 500px really has something for everyone.

    The most frustrating thing on Facebook is all the horribly-lit, blurry, grainy photographs of moments that get a TON of Likes. The moments, surely, are memorable moments, but come ON people! Just turn a bit so the light is actually hitting your face for those selfies! It'd be nice to see some of the moments be recorded and presented without the obligatory "yeah, it's a bit blurry, but…" excuses. (0_0)

  4. Brent Burzycki 10 Nov 2014 Reply

    Wait a second… We are supposed to go back to a location to try to get better photos of the same thing….. Now that is crazy talk….

    And why I will never be a pro making money photographer..

  5. Tamara Pruessner 7 Jan 2015 Reply

    That is very interesting about 500px… I don't play there very often, but I will keep have to keep this all in mind when I do again.

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