I wanted to toss this back out to see if others had opinions on bags to help all…

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I wanted to toss this back out to see if others had opinions on bags to help all of us make a better decission.. or at least not a horrible one…

Comments on the original post…


Thanks all… post up what you carry and why you like or hate it….

Reshared post from +Brent Burzycki

What I have been carrying lately
What do you carry and why?

The life long quest for a bag that work for all situations is probably one of the harder things photographers need to do… Shove it into a sling style bag, dedicate it all to a backpack solution? Or just take the camera and some cards and go out….

What do you do?

Here is what I am using lately:

I had just bought this bag – pretty much just for this outing (Air Show) and other smaller jaunts I will be taking (Photowalks). It is really compact and overall I really like this bag. My other bag is a monster Lowe Pro and hauling it around requires a Sherpa. This bag has a ton of very nice features for the price and some very cool hidden features that photographers will really appreciate. Hidden access pockets for lens access is just one of many. See the larger image for what I am carrying…

The only thing it is missing in my eyes is a dedicated external water bottle holder or even better I will be exploring the ability to slide a camelback into the computer pocket (since I do not carry a computer in it) But external water bottle holders are easy to find also.

Here are the details and link to the bag:

Tenba – Shootout – Small Backpack


The Small size is designed to carry a very well rounded camera system and tripod, plus a laptop up to 13 inches. The Small is identical to the Medium and Large backpacks in every way except for size, and it includes an expedition-grade waist belt and removable photo interior. The Small easily meets the most stringent carry-on requirements, even on the tiniest aircraft, so it is a great option for traveling when you are likely to fly on a turboprop instead of a full sized jet.

See their site for a video walkthrough of the options – It is the most bag for the money I have found in the smaller size.

Also a link to more photos:

(This also covers the almost finished write up for the Air Show trip two weeks ago if people are interested)

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  1. Kevin Gault 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    I would think this sort of thing is more personal taste. I know when I've backpacked it came dow to personal choice of pack, sleeping bag, tent of no tent, go light or care more for convenience. I'd say if you think you can get away with a smaller bag, and just some things you may want go for it. Heck use the same bag just not all the lenses and such. But I admit I'm stickler for carrying light.

  2. Jacy JoyPals 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    Good idea Brent: I am using a Tamrac 5588 Expedition 8x holds my 3 DSLR's, 5-7 lenses, 580EX, 17in laptop, tripod and all my other "stuff"! I also carry a "girl bag" Shoot Sac and Canon Bag. Here my pic: https://plus.google.com/?hl=en&tab=wX#photos/109414049457867785818/albums/posts/5640479448401899682

  3. Brent Burzycki 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    And we have the one issue that bugs me with G+ – linking comments into the original thread…..

    I wish there was a way to link them after posting…


    Hmm – or a setting to tie comments into an original post link – that would be cool…

    You guys mind reposting those over on the main thread so everyone can see them…..

  4. Kevin Gault 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    Copied mine over to the original thread. Hey did you see my picture of the Barn from the Indy Sate Fair? I'd be curious to what you think.

  5. Jeff Harper 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    After years of newspaper photography and caring around a lot of gear every day (2 bodies, 2 flashes, three zooms and a 300 2.8) I really go light these days. EIther iPhone 4 or a small bag with a Canon 5D mk II and 24-105 f4 and a 50 1.4.

  6. Brent Burzycki 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    +Kevin Gault shoot me a link…. happy to take a look… let me know the reason behind the shot or what specifically you need critique on…

  7. Brent Burzycki 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    +Jeff Harper do you mind reporting your comment over here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/108542426628002931624/posts/Z7pWKGBr6Kq – that way everyone will benefit.. thanks…

    Sadly we cannot move comments….well that might be a good thing – lord knows it could be exploited…

  8. Jeff Harper 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    Done. Yes I think an interesting improvement for Google+ would be to port all comments back to the original thread..

  9. Brent Burzycki 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    +Jeff Harper thanks and yes I totally agree….

  10. Jacy JoyPals 14 Aug 2011 Reply

    Posted Brent!

  11. Brent Burzycki 14 Aug 2011 Reply


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