I saw a B-52H flying overhead last Thursday afternoon. He was flying at about 4,000 feet, going West from the Thumb tip area of Michigan, towards the center of the state

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It was a really neat sight, and caused me to reflect on how long it has been since I have seen one flying with my own eyes. About 25 years. Not since Wurtsmith AFB closed up here in N. Michigan.

I looked it up, and there are only two AFB's left that have them stationed: Barksdale, and Minot. Nowhere near here.

Perhaps he was going to an airshow? Or maybe some kind of wargame exercise, as there is a bombing range in the middle of Michigan, near Grayling Army base. Not sure, as the low altitude I observed him at, wouldn't be suitable for a long flight.

At any rate, it was a treat to see the old BUFF again.
(photo via the US Air force site, taken by Airman 1st Class Rebecca Imwalle )

EDIT: I just found a reference to a B-52 doing a flyby in Toledo on Thursday, where someone took a nice photo of it flying over the line of Thunderbird F-16's. There is an airshow this weekend down there. Maybe this was the same B-52 I saw (though that is waaay South of where I saw it)

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  1. Dave Nicholas 17 Jul 2016 Reply

    God bless our Fleet of old dead and dying war birds…

  2. Larry Haas 18 Jul 2016 Reply

    Wonderful workhorse that still in on the job. No thanks to our dysfunctional government they scavenge for parts to remain active.


  3. Jerry Kleeb 18 Jul 2016 Reply

    Had the privilege of logging approx. 400 hours flying as a Gunner during the Cold War. Still amazes me she is still flying strong today!

  4. Sam Candelaira 18 Jul 2016 Reply

    I still envy anyone who has had the privilege of flying this beautiful aircraft. She's a very efficient and effective workhorse. Well built and regal as always. Love the negative angle of attack departures. Not a common sight.

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