I rarely post referral links – but this is a good one

29 Jan 2015 admin In G+ Posts

I rarely post referral links – but this is a good one.. so I use the personal Capital App to track all my personal finances – investments – DEBT – etc.. it works really well for being able to quickly see how terribly your investments might be doing.. Use this link: http://refer.personalcapital.com/share/k43om and it appears you will get a 10 buck amazon gift card and I will get one … it could be the best investment you will make.. well at least you will get 10 bucks out of it.. Bear in mind you do have to link an account, but if you have any investments or debt you want to track this app is in my opinion way better than Mint etc..

Personal Capital
Friends Help Friends Invest Smarter. Your friend thought you’d like Personal Capital, and they’re probably right. There’s a reason Macworld called us “the best, free finance app available.” Why Personal Capital? Free tools. To help you live a better financial life. Save money …

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  1. Jason ON 29 Jan 2015 Reply

    I have nothing.

  2. Brent Burzycki 29 Jan 2015 Reply

    It will confirm that for you…

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