I know there are a million posts about #ingress  that said this is the best description…

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I know there are a million posts about #ingress  that said this is the best description I have seen about what it is all about….

All Photographers here should be Portal Makers or somehow involved in what others find.. as we know where all the cool secret places are… Or as +Brian Rose voiced on another thread – Photowalks might be truly much more interesting now….

I am all for anything that gets us all out more exploring the world…

And I still want invite …. even though it is full pier pressure induced at this point… it just look cool… I am all for my phone giving me secret missions….just hopefully not self destructing afterward…

Reshared post from +Moritz Tolxdorff

Ingress – Game guide and secrets

About #Ingress .
Ingress is an Augmented Reality Game (ARG) where you have to go to certain locations and hack portals. There are two factions in this game, the Enlightened and the Resistance. The story behind the game is that a +CERN scientific experiment created a cascade that released exotic matter (XM) around the world and portals have been formed in locations like statues,  museums and other public spaces. Both factions are trying to capture these portals and set up resonators to generate more energy. When three portals are linked together, a field will be created to protect the area between those portals from "Shapers".

Join the Enlightenment
Faction attempting to help the Shapers infiltrate Earth. Followers believe that the Shapers bring a powerful enlightenment that will lift humankind.

Join the Resistance
Faction defending the Earth from the Shaper ingression. They are seen by some as being fearful of change or progress, but the Resistance is firm in its belief that it is protecting humanity.

How to play
► Find portals nearby on this map (login required): http://goo.gl/0uE4z
► Head to the located portal
► Once reached and within 50m of the portal, start hacking
► Hacking will give you items like keys, resonators, XMPs and more
► Deploy up to 8 resonators, add mods or link portals
► Move to the next portal and repeat

Create more portals
There is a way to create your own portals. 
► Turn on GPS on the camera app
► Take a picture with your camera app
► use the share option and share it with the NIA Super OP
► It will now send an email to the NIA Super OPs to review the picture.

If your picture meets the general criteria for portals it will be added to the game within 2-3 weeks. http://goo.gl/xSpm3

Secret passcodes
Enter those codes to redeem XM, items and AP
Ingress Analysis File # 3ra8jarvisq3s9
Ingress Analysis File # 9uc8epiphanyx2y9y
Ingress Analysis File # 8qb2coverups5y5x
Ingress Analysis File # 9vh3higgsz7r7x
Ingress Analysis File # 8wg2portalp9t2w
Ingress Analysis File # 9rh7pandoraz7y8q
Ingress Analysis File # 9yf9creativer5v7u

When you come across a hostile portal, you can attack it with XMPs (bomb) and eventually hack it to take it over.

More help can be found on the official support page: http://goo.gl/YxJFB
Official website: http://www.ingress.com (Request your code there!)
If you want to switch factions: http://goo.gl/qpTML

Special Tip
If you are looking for an invite you should follow +Brandon Badger. He is looking for creative pictures/artwork of the #Ingrass  Hashtag. If he likes your approach you might get an invite key.

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  1. fan tai 24 Nov 2012 Reply

    Heh. Have all the people begging for codes gone Black Friday shopping? 🙂

  2. Brent Burzycki 24 Nov 2012 Reply

    +fan tai possibly…… 🙂

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