I have determined two well three things about owning a Total Gym

05 Jul 2014 admin In G+ Posts

1) It can give you a "full body" workout
1a) It is actually a really well built machine…
2) Beginner is not Beginner enough for me…
3) My "full body" is wayyy out of shape… I think I need to go throw up now….
4) If I stick with it I might either die or actually feel better…
5) FU fit people in the videos that come with it…even thou you are cute that does not mean you should make it look so easy…
6) I need two synced tv's so I do not have to pause every 10 seconds to verify I am doing the exercise right… damn you head that does not swivel 360deg..
7) are all muscles supposed to feel like jello covered marsh mello?
7a) I sweat like a hog in summer on the east coast in a desert..
7b) I am a total pansy…

Whoops that's more than 3 oh right – FU Chuck Norris….. 🙂


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  1. Mark Esguerra 5 Jul 2014 Reply

    He he. Have faith in Chuck Norris. He will show you the way. ;-P

  2. Elizabeth Hahn 5 Jul 2014 Reply

    It's best not to insult Chuck Norris… he might come and double your workout. 🙂

  3. Chuck Malefyt 5 Jul 2014 Reply

    Stick with it +Brent Burzycki. Then if Chuck Norris does show up you can show him a thing or two.

  4. Shelly Gunderson 5 Jul 2014 Reply

    LOL Great post! I feel that way starting any exercise! Stay with it, bet it will get better.

  5. Patrick Léger 5 Jul 2014 Reply

    I agree with your list of 3… I so know what that feels like

  6. Brent Burzycki 5 Jul 2014 Reply

    The biggest hardest issue with working out has nothing to do with actually working out… It is all mental about sticking with it…

  7. Haha

  8. Daniel Sachs 5 Jul 2014 Reply

    The last we ever heard of +Brent Burzycki was when he said "FU Chuck Norris"

  9. Mike Keller 5 Jul 2014 Reply

    The worst part is the first few weeks, because it seems like a lot of hard work with no progress. Then one day you notice you have bumps where you didn't have them before. Those are called "muscles," and it suddenly seems worth the effort. 🙂 Just remember, none of this works if you're not eating right.

  10. Brent Burzycki 5 Jul 2014 Reply

    +Mike Keller I eat like a pig and have always been pretty skinny.. I call that lucky – as I get older that is not as true – I am turning more into a cylinder than a person with any definition..

    I also have to eat right because I have chronic gut issues… so that minus can be turned into a plus…

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