I believe I will be starting Yoga to try to solve many issues

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  1. Wasim Muklashy 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    let me know how that goes for you. i been toying with meditation for years and that has helped enormously. yoga has been recommended on more than one occasion, and even tried it once, but doesn't help to walk in late to the class that's 3 levels above beginner and end up having to be right next to the instructor because that's the only space available. i couldn't wait to get out of there the moment i walked in. so yeah…my only pointer…get there EARLY!

  2. Sandra Parlow 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    awesome! you will love it! don't focus too much ongetting the poses all the way at first… mostly on your breathing and try to get your poses technically right… then after you know what you're doing, go for the deeper stretches, etc.

  3. Brent Burzycki 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    Maybe private lessons… where the Yoga instructor is much hotter than I am….

    +Sandra Parlow I am a non flexible jacked up mess.. I assume beginner is too high for me…

  4. Sandra Parlow 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki just don't strain yourself trying to do something that you're not ready for. This is for your mind and body, so start off slow. A beginner class should have an instructor that can give alternative ways to do things if you aren't ready yet.

    And don't get one that is TOO hot or you'll not be able to focus!! ;P

  5. A good Yoga Instructor will make your bowels feel hot and spine like rubber. You will become soo hot yet soo warm, you will not burn anything but your own ego and -ve vibes.

  6. Brent Burzycki 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    Oh I am concerned a bit about my ego…

  7. Sandra Parlow 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    I'm not sure about the hot bowels though.. O.o

  8. Wear it like an ornament not a weapon.

  9. Sandra , Am talking about somethings like this. These movements will make your bowels beautiful. Yoga for Constipation: Uddiyana Bandha & Nauli

  10. Sandra Parlow 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    I'd have to say that's pretty advanced +Shiva kumar Shivaraju …..

  11. Brent Burzycki 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    If I did that I would have something happen to my bowels… I would need a mop on isle 9…

  12. Sandra Parlow 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    lol!! +Brent Burzycki don't worry – they won't make you do that.. on your first class! lol!

  13. tiffany clarke 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    yoga is the best thing in the world – just do it!

  14. Ted Dumbauld 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    Yoga without breathing is just stretching in Sanskrit +Brent Burzycki.

  15. sanda thein 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    Yoga is great. Take it slowly, step by step will help you a lot.

  16. Scott Dziadul 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    Yoga may be one of the best things you can do for yourself. It helped me a ton! Good Luck!

  17. Mark Walz 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    I've been doing DDP YOGA for four months now. Started at 317 lbs, and had to modify a lot of positions. Now, I've lost 52 pounds and feeling great. I still have another 50+ to go, but I feel that this no impact workout is saving my life and giving me my life back. I always thought yoga wasn't manly but it is. It kicks my ass!

  18. Ted Dumbauld 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    Very impressive +Mark Walz! I agree – yoga kicks my ass on a regular basis.

  19. Hope Unger 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    I used to teach a yoga class when I was in the military And yes I had many guys come up to me after class and say I kicked their ass, big guys, muscle guys, tough in the gym everyday guys. Take it slow in the beginning because hour body won't be used to it and you might be sore the next day. Yoga is great take your time and just breathe at first. There are so many benefits and you will see and feel them right away. The biggest for me has been posture and how I carry myself.

  20. Brent Burzycki 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    +Hope Unger I have a feeling sore will be an understatement…but I need to try something..

    +Mark Walz that is awesome.. all that loss is with Yoga only? Or a combination? seems like great results in such a short time..

    I am doing it for many reasons.. weight loss is the lowest on the list – flexibility, relaxation, and strengthening of several muscle groups is really what I need.. especially core to offset the rest of my muscular issues… and stress..

  21. Yoga will change your life

  22. Melissa Walter 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    Try a few different styles of yoga to find the one that resonates with you. To name a few there is Bikram, Iyengar, Anusara, Vinyasa-style, Baptiste power yoga, restorative, yin, etc… Every teacher and every studio is different. If you don't like the first class you try, then try another. I've been practicing for over 14 years and am now a 200 hr certified teacher.

  23. Ganoe Rochelle 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    #Yoga really will change your life. and I agree with +Sandra Parlow. Focus on your breath and your poses. The rest will follow that. It will make your entire body and mind healthier.

  24. Sandra Tonkinson 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    Definitely do a beginner's course or classes. Small groups are great so the instructor can keep an eye on the proper alignment which is very important for safe practice. Getting into and out of a pose is so important. Getting deep into a pose as your body moves organically towards it is such a beautiful process.

    Simply doing the sun salutation at home each morning is fantastic.

    I am also restarting my yoga practice.

    Have fun!

  25. Thomas B 2 Jul 2013 Reply


    Positives: It really is a good workout, lots of different muscles get worked. Depending on the teacher, class, and studio it can also be quite relaxing.

    Negatives: None really – just try to find a teacher, class, studio, DVD that's a good fit

    I think we started with DVDs from the library at home.

    I would suggest Type A Yoga in Pleasant Hill. You can pay per class, or get a 4-class pass. Leslie and I were going every Wednesday evening for a while. Things got crazy so we've been AWOL lately, but that's pretty much over so we need to get back. We were doing their Beginning Adaptive class with Adrienne which was a really nice class. At a couple different points in the class, she basically breaks the routine into easier, medium, and harder options. It's small and pretty mellow (if you need to take a break during the class, it's no big deal) We tried Adaptive Hatha (I think) on the weekend, but that seemed a little too easy and seemed to be geared more towards stretching than Yoga.

    I know 5:30 p.m. might be hard with your schedule, but if you want to go do a class together lemme know (that way I'm not the only one sweating and groaning in the back!)


  26. Brent Burzycki 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    +Thomas B cool – I will see.. that time is really tough.. but thanks for the info.. I really need to start looking around this 1 day off this week and see what is the next step..

  27. Judy Ferreira 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    I absolutely love it +Brent Burzycki It's excellent for both mind and body!!

  28. Brent Burzycki 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    +Judy Ferreira and I need it for both….. 🙂

  29. Judy Ferreira 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki I didn't love it right away. It took time, and then is just kicked in. I couldn't go without it now. Just give it time 🙂

  30. Brent Burzycki 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    I think it will be kicking something of mine first….

  31. Nate D 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    The first yoga I had ever done was P90x Yoga X, life changing bro. Alot of people will knock it due to the length of the workout but you feel amazing when you finish.

    One of the hardest things you'll do for yourself and the most fulfilling at the same time, shoot me a PM or come to one of my Fitness Hangouts sometime and we can chat

  32. Robert Blackwood 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    Gently, always listen to the body, when your body strengthens be bold but still gentle, rest when it tires you, one step, two step and gently again be persistent and you will get results. More flex; strength, softness, breathing, concentration, willpower, tolerance, its all there, best.

  33. Brent Burzycki 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    +Nate D Interesting.. I have that DVD I think….

    +Robert Blackwood I need to go slow or I just re-injure my shoulder issue – I need to strengthen first or I will be out for a few days of recovery and then I never go back… so slow is key…

  34. Robert Blackwood 2 Jul 2013 Reply

    That's right +Brent Burzycki slow is key.

  35. Dallas Matthew 3 Jul 2013 Reply

    Read the Bhagavad Gita. Yoga is a path within to harmony, balance, and union with your source!

  36. Alex Andrews 3 Jul 2013 Reply

    yoga is body magic, it makes you feel good, I started doing youtube yoga videos, every body is different enjoy it!

  37. Susan O'Grady 3 Jul 2013 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki how kind all these responses are. I hope you will take them seriously and begin yoga. The first yoga sutra is " Yoga is Now". Judging from the image you used in this post, I wonder what you have in mind. The linga/phallas that appears in the image is erect which makes me think it conveys something more than what Kundalini yoga actually means: 'she who is coiled' like a sleeping serpent three and a half times around the linga is kundalini energy. However, it is not about sexuality per se. In advance Trantra-yoga, awakening this energy is only a part of the practice– it is really about regulating flow of life energy. Practicing hatha yoga will help you on many levels. In yoga there is a phrase, "you are only as young as your spine" which is why your posts' image intrigues me. In this case the spinal column resembles a devil's tail……..Interesting, where did you find this?

  38. Prabhuraj Soliah 3 Jul 2013 Reply

    In our family, we are practicing Vaasi Yoga. From the experience of others and our family, this is the only yoga which can make our body free from any diseases. More testimonials here..

  39. Jay Poole 3 Jul 2013 Reply

    I do DDPYoga and have gone down from 230 to 215 and lost a lot of back pain and shoulder pain. So good.

  40. Lee Thomson 3 Jul 2013 Reply

    You should check out YogAlign . Go to: http://www.manayoga.com There are ways of doing yoga that can be injurious to you. This method shows you how to keep yourself in natural spinal alignment without pain and actually can help heal many musculo/skeletal problems you might have.

  41. maria sea 3 Jul 2013 Reply

    I do not know how close you are to San Francisco, but there is a place called California Yoga Company, check out their website, the owner, +Brian Monnier, is the originator of his own style and it is very good for people with flexibility issues or any kind of injury, the teachers are all well trained in dealing with any injuries people might have and working with them to make your body more pain free and more functional, even people rehabilitating from major injuries.

  42. padma Charan 3 Jul 2013 Reply

    yoga is the combination of soul, mind and body, in sanatana dharma( hindu) we believe in soul. breathing plays an important role in yoga it helps us to control ourselves or emotions and also give body fitness, in my opinion there is no difficult in doing yoga, difficult thing is to get the right yoga practitioner or guru.

  43. Nate D 3 Jul 2013 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki do you have a Free Beachbody coach you are working with?

  44. Brent Burzycki 4 Jul 2013 Reply

    +Nate D I do not have any free anything – mainly time to even work out.. I am working about 130 + hrs a week right now.. so when that slows up.. then workouts will start…

  45. Eric Zim 7 Jul 2013 Reply

    Yoga, as practiced in the US, is just another exercise. There is very little difference between various other work out methods, except for the placebo effect. Definitely echo people saying take it slow. Many teachers will unwittingly injure you if you just try to keep up with them, there is very little quality control. As with many exercise routines, the victim is often blamed for doing it wrong.

    You can do traditional yoga by yourself, although I would recommend either some one-on-one training or starting out with meditation. It's really about stillness and holding form, and practicing how to quiet the mind and expand your awareness and compassion.

    If a teacher tells you that it's about increasing your strength, losing weight, increasing flexibility, or otherwise changing your physical body, they are doing a western gym exercise based on yoga. Proceed with caution.

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