I am looking for a new TV as a Christmas Gift to myself

18 Dec 2011 admin In G+ Posts
As in replacing a pretty old Sony XBR Monster Tube set with a new Larger thin panel.. I will be recruiting about 7 people to move the old set….

Anyone have any suggestions… I have been looking at this one.. I keep TV's for at least 5+ years….so I am willing to pay a bit more now for decent technology…


I cannot go any bigger than this my room will just not support it….

Any suggestions or great experiences out there?

XBR Full Array LED LCD 3D TV | 54.6″ (diag) XBR HX929 Internet TV | XBR-55HX929 | Sony USA
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  1. Kevin Koo 18 Dec 2011 Reply

    Panasonic VT30 range if you want a plasma. Philips 9000 series if you want LCD/LED. Sony never have the best picture quality

  2. Jason Canning 18 Dec 2011 Reply

    Another vote for the Viera here, I have the 55" VT30 and its superb.

  3. Brent Burzycki 18 Dec 2011 Reply

    It's interesting that you say Sony is not the best picture quality, this set have been rated as one of the best screens out there right now based on the localized dimming capability…… Does anyone really care or use 3d?

  4. Jason Canning 18 Dec 2011 Reply

    I care about and use 3D a lot on my Viera, and the quality is excellent.

  5. Joe Ercoli 18 Dec 2011 Reply

    Thanks for posting this – I'm looking to do the same. I moved into my place about 6 months ago and when someone offered me this 37 Trinitron, I grabbed it. After moving it in with one other buddy, I swore that it would not leave its spot in my living room until it left the house.

    Buh bye… time to go!

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