I agree +Catherine Hall and crew did a great job on this model release application……

02 Sep 2012 admin In G+ Posts
I agree +Catherine Hall and crew did a great job on this model release application… It is the nicest one I have used. Unlike +Sam Breach I have not yet used it for a real shoot yet… But I have played with it and set it up…. It gives a really nice output to the client and the photographer….

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I just want to shout out to +Catherine Hall. I recently brought this Model Release App and just used it for real for the first time this morning. It's simple to use and incredibly useful. You get to store a photo with the release, both parties can add a signature and it emails a copy of the release to every one as a PDF.  It's great to know that you can have a model release form at your finger tips wherever you happen to be, all via your iphone. It's pricey for an App, $8.99, but worth every penny for the convenience, ease of use and quality of the experience. Thanks Catherine!

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