How do I never hear about cool new bands anymore

06 Sep 2014 admin In G+ Posts
not that these guys are new but with heavy AC/DC influence… I have added them to my awesome new music playlist….nice to see a band going back to the way it was for us in the 80's 90's etc….. just some rocking songs that were just fun to listen too… I guess the hot girls, tire smoke, long hair and sweat are just part of the experience….

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  1. So glad you shared this; I'd never heard of them either and now am hoping they plan a tour closer than Canada sometime in the future.
    Great way to start off my Saturday morning!

  2. Patrick Léger 6 Sep 2014 Reply

    Totally agree with +Christine Spangler! This is great, loving it 🙂

  3. Brent Burzycki 6 Sep 2014 Reply

    Pretty much awesome…..

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