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  1. Andrew Seymour 10 Feb 2013 Reply


  2. Bette Kauffman 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    Yikes! Well, at least these bumper stickers help me know who to avoid!

  3. Elizabeth Hahn 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    Nothing against fans of the KJB, but I'm pretty sure this guy doesn't know the origin of it…

  4. Ben Fullerton 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    Well, regardless, I've always been blown away of how many people will plant their flag on the King James Bible as the only legitimate version of the bible. The very thought of that is just miles beyond absurd. The purpose of the KJV was to take the scriptures, that were at the time only available in Latin, and translate it into the language of the people so that everyone could read it. So the fact that it's current high and mighty sound, thanks for it being written in then current, but now old-sounding english, is being praised as "more perfect and holy"; while modern translations, meant to be more easily understood and put into the current language of the people, are being disdained is just hilariously ironic.

  5. Brent Burzycki 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    I got nothing against anything as long as you do not force your stuff onto others.. I am more curious about the obvious extremists in our world today – Like the people that put the I have this many kids etc and a dog stickers on the vehicle..

    WHY would I want anyone to know that information about me or my family..

  6. Andrew Seymour 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    I know there is more, but this is a start…

  7. Bette Kauffman 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    Actually, putting how many kids and pets you have on your vehicle strikes me as more naive and trusting than extreme. On the other hand, threatening people with hell on the back of your vehicle strikes me as extreme! And much is profoundly ironic about planting your flag on the KJB. It quite saddens me that the people who most want to present themselves as utterly devoted to the Bible, know so amazingly little about the various translations, where they came from, what they are based on and so forth.

  8. Andrew Seymour 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    Everyone knows that "it" was written in American English…

  9. it allows for better targeting

  10. Ben Fullerton 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    And also, Jesus was white, with blond hair and chiseled abs. 

  11. Andrew Seymour 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    Abs by Cross-Fit…

  12. mary Zeman 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    Actually, it IS something I worry about.  When I was a young single female, I did not want anything that would attract unwanted attention….

  13. Hugo Whistle 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    +Ben Fullerton yep. W.A.S.P w/ assault rifles in each hand while managing native born, land owning males on how to build walls, keep women bare footed & pregnant, also damning anyone who was not the same  as him …

  14. Mike LeBrun 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    Live and let live… Everyone's allowed their opinion, and everyone else is allowed to agree or disagree.

    Now if the owner of the Tacoma in question is pulling people over to force them to convert then I would consider that "forcing your stuff on others".  Sticking stuff on his/her vehicle to accelerate its depreciation is not that blatant a case of forcing their beliefs onto others. It's like the commercials we're bombarded with constantly: mostly bad advertising and in this case some would be of the opinion that it borders (or is) false advertising.

  15. Ben Fullerton 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    And he went there…

  16. Andrew Seymour 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    If Jesus were to be crucified these days, where would the corporate logos go?

    "Take aspirin for all your aches and pains"
    "6 Hour Energy Drink"
    "Got Sun Block?"

  17. Brent Burzycki 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    Then I am clearly not Jesus

  18. Brent Burzycki 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    And I am watching a show right now that says everyone important in the bible was talking to aliens

  19. Elizabeth Hahn 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    Ancient Aliens?

  20. Andrew Seymour 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    One could argue, that Jesus was taken away by an alien…

  21. Dana J. Dawson 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    I think the bigger safety issue is the terribly tilted roads!

  22. Brent Burzycki 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    +Elizabeth Hahn yep…….

    +Dana J. Dawson that's nothing you should have seen the look on his face while the photo was being taken in his rear view mirror…

  23. Mike Keller 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    The ones that really drive me crazy are the big rear window decals that say "In loving memory of…" with a name, birth and death date. Why not just stick a freaking tombstone in your rear seat? I mean, that's just creepy!

  24. Andrew Seymour 10 Feb 2013 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki – Gotta love the family values on the rear of your vehicle!

  25. Carolyn Stampeen 20 Feb 2013 Reply

    I saw a family one the other day with the mother scratched out.  🙂

  26. Brent Burzycki 20 Feb 2013 Reply

    +Carolyn Stampeen I saw a family one where the daughter was a stripper and the kid was a drunk. .. I had to sort of laugh… 

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