Hey +Java and +Oracle – the only other industry that does pre-filled check boxes…

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Hey +Java and +Oracle – the only other industry that does pre-filled check boxes in the porn industry …. so unless you are giving me free porn with my install of the latest Java version I think you need to dump the pre-filled check box…

And I will not even mention this insanely terrible practice..


Summary: Oracle's Java plugin for browsers is a notoriously insecure product. Over the past 18 months, the company has released 11 updates, six of them containing critical security fixes. With each update, Java actively tries to install unwanted software. Here's what it does, and why it has to stop.

Read +Ed Bott 's article for the real info about how the ASK Toolbar delays itself so you cannot easily uninstall it if you mess up..

Some of us are forced to use Java… this type of marketing is total bull – just make a good product then people will use and install it… 

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  1. Ricardo Lopes 2 Feb 2013 Reply

    Yeah, those nav bars suck big time and give a pain to remove.

  2. Rae Williams 2 Feb 2013 Reply

    I have removed Java from 2 of my machines. You would be surprised how much you dont need it. (There are certain programs that still use it, but those usually you know about).

    I say uninstall it, and see what bumps you run into, unless you have a distinct need for it, you will be just fine.

  3. Victor Bezrukov 2 Feb 2013 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki they just shot to themselves !

  4. James Scouten 2 Feb 2013 Reply

    Yet 1 more reason you shouldn't blindly click next when installing programs on your computer.

  5. Mike Keller 2 Feb 2013 Reply

    Never, ever choose "default install"

  6. James Scouten 2 Feb 2013 Reply

    I ALWAYS choose custom install and don't blindly click next I saw that but it didn't bother me(and wouldn't either cause I don't use Internet Exploder)

  7. I've noticed this on a few first rate "free" programs, such as acrobat reader as well. I routinely clean up family member computers because of unknowingly accepting these options on reputable programs.

  8. Brent Burzycki 2 Feb 2013 Reply

    The scary part about this is the notes from +Ed Bott article where it states if you accidently forget to uncheck it will install.. so then you go to remove it and it is not listed in the uninstall area.. till 10 minutes later when it then shows up..

    Really! if that is proven true and I trust what Ed usually says… that is malware… plain and simple..

  9. Vee Ess 3 Feb 2013 Reply

    I agree….

  10. Robert Spendlove 3 Feb 2013 Reply

    I'm an admin for over 50 machines and I'm almost done removing it from all of them. Nobody has missed it yet.

  11. Jason Dunn 3 Feb 2013 Reply


  12. Brent Burzycki 3 Feb 2013 Reply

    +Robert Spendlove Sadly my Inventory software runs on Java…

  13. Vee Ess 3 Feb 2013 Reply

    The problem is that if I removed Java my Norton 360 stopped scanning my system! Can anyone advise if there are any alternatives? I upgraded to Win 8 that already does not seem to be perfect yet…confused…if its Win 8 or Java that is the culprit?

  14. Brent Burzycki 3 Feb 2013 Reply

    Microsoft security essentials

  15. Vee Ess 3 Feb 2013 Reply

    Tks Brent. I would appreciate an opinion…..is Windows anti-malware mature enough to be used as mainstay protection system? Their ratings on detection are not as good as Norton 360…..would love to have this issue debated by all who read. Especially when we consider banking on the Net and business data on computers.

  16. Vee Ess 3 Feb 2013 Reply

    My oponion on ratings are based on what is published on the net in reviews. And I did not consider what Symantec writes about their superiority.

  17. John Manuel 3 Feb 2013 Reply

    Java's final nail in it's coffin was Oracle. Oracle should change it's tag-line to "the software killing company".  VirtualBox was a great VM until Oracle messed with it.

  18. Brent Burzycki 3 Feb 2013 Reply

    +Vee Ess I have it running on 12 machines at home and work with no issues….. For the past two years… Malware and virus scanning solutions are dying anyway… No definition based solutions work well anymore… You will see those companies change their strategies and move to others things… All of this is based on safe surfing practices thou… Anyone can give themselves Internet herpes…

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