Hey followers can you confirm something for me that I think I have correct but probably…

08 Sep 2012 admin In G+ Posts

Hey followers can you confirm something for me that I think I have correct but probably do not…

In the example notifications below: Both were shared "directly" with me.. the top one was "public" and the second was "limited". 

The limited one is simple to understand as it seems it was only shared with me – Why I have a supposed 6th grader sharing to me direct and limited is beyond me, somewhat strange and in some ways I think a way to block those under specific ages might actually be something to think about as depending on the truth of that share – I am not sure many 6th graders should be on social networks at all without parental supervision or at least guidance.

In the first share am i correct in saying that the only way to share to public but also to share direct is to check the notifications box to alert those in your public circle that you posted.?

I have seen a ton of direct share, notified posts this past week… as in a major surge in them… So either something changed, or this is the new G+ way to spam people, or simply people do not know what some check boxes or settings do when they use them.. or possibly they do not care.

Anyone have any incites? 

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  1. bish s 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    You can go to your settings and choose the option to allow only people you follow share direct with you.

  2. Brent Burzycki 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    I do not mind as long as I know how it is working…. but I will check that out…

    I rather people would say hello vs. just the spam approach.. if they did that I would more than likely actually look at what they were sharing..which might actually benefit them..

  3. Craig Pifer 9 Sep 2012 Reply

    If it's shared to Public, and you are getting a notification it means that they also selected a circle, that you are in, to share it to and selected to send the notification. Unfortunately that notify feature seems to be very misunderstood and easily abused.

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