Have to say this is a pretty good commercial that was only shown once… Tribute to 9/11

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My Tribute to 9/11 will be to continue to supply equipment and vehicles that are cutting edge to the men and women of Law Enforcement, Fire and the Military that will continue to allow them to keep us all safe and themselves safe while they battle the daily issues they do to keep us safe and secure from not only Terrorism but from everyday issues that threaten our safety and security.

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  1. Rick Schey 12 Sep 2013 Reply


  2. Rick Schey 12 Sep 2013 Reply

    Makes me so mad that Facebook and Google + friends in Europe and Australia and New Zealand can care less that we were attacked on 9/11 🙁

  3. Brent Burzycki 12 Sep 2013 Reply

    I do not see that much backlash from others outside the US.. but I also cannot say the US is the best international partner at this time either…

  4. Andress Kools 12 Sep 2013 Reply

    +Rick Schey I don't share your experience with my european friends. Yesterday, my FB exploded with people commenting on how the world has changed by this atrocious act of terrorism against not just the US, but western civilization. It's like a collective emotion of having been burgled and molested.
    However, the US have implemented a lot of measures since the attacks, that affect the whole world. Not everyone is too happy about that. There's been a lot of negativity in the news on US foreign policy. This might explain some people's attitude towards the remembrance of the attacks. Some even fail to realize that the safety protocols in effect around the world are there to protect us and it's worth the hassle. The US have a bad reputation because of Guantanamo Bay, the 2nd Iraq war, the war in Afghanistan and their (generalized) view of the rest of the world. But noone I know diminishes the meaning and the impact of the terrorist attacks on sept. 11th, 2001.
    I hope, for all US citizens, that you'll find a place for this memory to rest. Where it doesn't affect your view of the world and allows you to feel safe in your own homes. It took Europe about 40 years to finally put the traumatic memory of WW2 to rest. Now that we have, it's hard to understand for the younger generations that an invasion of your safety on this scale is a life-changing event for a nation, not just the victims and survivors.
    I wish you peace. Within your country and yourselves.

  5. Rick Schey 13 Sep 2013 Reply

    Good for you, this has not been my experience with people overseas, I love my awesome country the USA, we are still the best country in the world Brent 🙂

  6. Rick Schey 13 Sep 2013 Reply

    Obama sucks, looking forward when he is out of office for good 🙂

  7. Rick Schey 13 Sep 2013 Reply

    Obama is a Muslim loving prick 🙂

  8. Andress Kools 14 Sep 2013 Reply

    Did it really just turn into this? That's typical for why MOST other countries aren't too fond of Americans. So, if you're the best, it's probably at annoying others with your arrogance, ignorance and intolerance. If you claim to be from the best country in the world, try acting like it. Like +Brent Burzycki , showing his love for his country, instead of complaining about others. Demonstrating humility, instead of boasting about something only other Americans would agree with.

  9. Brent Burzycki 14 Sep 2013 Reply

    I cannot even agree its the best country… everyone has issues – especially when you live there…

    I think I have a pretty decent life here in the US – but that does not say I could not have had a similiar life in Europe or the AU etc… both very cool places…

    It is hard to say what is the best as ideas of what is best are so different based on culture etc….

    I can say this much.. we have huge issues here in government.. plain and simple… politics is greed based not people based and that is a HUGE issue..

  10. rizal az 20 Sep 2013 Reply

    Couldn't agree more +Brent Burzycki

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