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why not give back via the G+ community…and our photography…

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+Brian Rose not sure if you have seen this yet..

Reshared post from +Mike Spinak

Dear Google+ community,

Let's collectively make a photography book as a charity fundraiser. Starting right here, right now.

I propose:

• A book of photographs by the people reading this
• One or a few shots by each participant
• Printed through Blurb Books, or a similar service
• Print on-demand and automated order fulfillment, as people order
• All profits go directly to charity

Photographers among us who want to participate can each offer to contribute one or a few of our best pictures to the book. Then, I'll narrow down the choices to a manageable number, and final selects will be chosen by vote by people reading this.

We'll also choose which charity to support, and the name of the book, by vote.

We'll need someone to design the book. I can't do this – I don't have the book design skills to do a good job, but I know a lot of you do. I can contribute pictures, and write text. Hopefully, someone will volunteer to handle the book designing.

Everyone who wants to can be part of this project, not only photographers. Ways to helpfully participate, now or in the future as this develops, include:

• Offer pictures for use in the book

• Offer to help design the book, if you can

(We'll need at least one book designer.)

• Suggest a good cause to support through this fundraiser

(Please limit your charity suggestions to ones without political nor religious affiliations, so that they're causes everyone can comfortably support – such as Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, The Nature Conservancy, or The Cancer Research Institute.)

• Suggest a good name for the book

• Vote on which pictures should go in the book

• Vote on which charity to support

• Vote on the book's name

• Buy the book

• Share this post, tell your friends and contacts, and spread the word as you can

• Ask questions and share opinions, as we work out the details

If you're interested, start by doing the following, here:

(A) post here that you're interested, and

(B) circle me, if you haven't, already (so you can follow future posts as this develops).

(C) It would also help if you share this post, to help spread the word.

Let's make it happen!

Thank you,


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  1. Serge Yurovsky 23 Aug 2011 Reply

    Interesting idea. Question is, what content would make $$

  2. Brent Burzycki 23 Aug 2011 Reply

    +Atomic Dots I think they need to pick the charity and content/context…. I know us glamour people could do one and it would sell.. but it might be insensitive to have a book of nude images for charity.. thou … part of me thinks who cares….as long as it raises money for the cause…. and puts hundreds of people into possibly their first published work…

  3. Kevin Beaudoin 23 Aug 2011 Reply

    Brent, I agree with your though of "insensitive".
    However I really think a charity, would WANT our money we raised for them. There may be some Church groups that will not want the $$ because of publicity.. Again I think it could raise $$, for a charity that would like to have our Money!

  4. Fourat Janabi 23 Aug 2011 Reply

    I love it. I would be willing to contribute photos / text.

  5. Brent Burzycki 23 Aug 2011 Reply

    +Fourat Janabi Drop a comment on the original thread so +Mike Spinak knows…..

  6. Fourat Janabi 23 Aug 2011 Reply

    Thanks Brent. I did just that.

  7. Richard Meade 23 Aug 2011 Reply

    Great idea with the exception of this one paragraph.

    "Photographers among us who want to participate can each offer to contribute one or a few of our best pictures to the book. Then, I'll narrow down the choices to a manageable number, and final selects will be chosen by vote by people reading this."

    I don't agree with ONE person narrowing down the choices. It would be better to have a place where the images could be uploaded and everyone vote on the photos submitted.

  8. Fourat Janabi 23 Aug 2011 Reply

    That is a good idea Richard. Those with iPhones can download RateThis!, which is an app where you can compare 2 things, in our case photos, and let other people who have downloaded the app decide. Makes it more democratic. I developed the app with my best friend to solve this exact problem. Its definitely do-able.

  9. Brent Burzycki 23 Aug 2011 Reply

    Yeh i will have to agree with that +Richard Meade you should put that over on the main thread.. its a very good point.. also if i send something I want it included or pulled from the project..

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