Happy #NationalAviationDay ! This is a Boeing B-47E Stratojet at Castle Air Museum (http://www.castleairmuseum.org/) in Atwater, CA. It's a great place to stop and spend a few hours if you going up/down Hwy 99. They have a huge display of aircraft many of which are either restored, or in the restoration process. Since I last visited they've even added a former Air Force One aircraft!

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  1. sajid shaikh 21 Aug 2016 Reply


  2. James Toth 21 Aug 2016 Reply

    Went to technical school in 1964 at Amarillo AFB to learn how to repair this beautiful plane

  3. John Lindemulder 22 Aug 2016 Reply

    I was there a few years ago! Great museum

  4. Micah Burke 22 Aug 2016 Reply

    I too was at Castle a few years back. Got some shots with the SR-71

  5. Joseph Duperron 22 Aug 2016 Reply

    Sac all the way. Where did they all go?

  6. Bedooo Selim 27 Aug 2016 Reply


  7. Mark Bruni 15 Sep 2016 Reply

    The boneyard

  8. Kirby Logan 20 Oct 2016 Reply


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