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  1. Maxim Filippov 7 Jul 2013 Reply


  2. Maybe that's what they want. Keep all the Gravity to themselves so we can all gravitate around Russia.
    They don't understand the gravity of the situation.

  3. Haha! Good one! Deserves to be shared. 🙂

  4. Chris Koller 7 Jul 2013 Reply

    I am never digging a hole again without being securely tethered to an object firmly anchored to the earth.

  5. Brent Burzycki 7 Jul 2013 Reply

    Take all the Gravity and resell it back.. I have a new business plan…

  6. Ronnie Boadi 7 Jul 2013 Reply

    I'd have said 'the aliens that are clearly buried under all the ice and want to escape and destroy us all' …. but hey we'll go with gravity – it'll make a better movie

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