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.. Everyone should chime I on the original post with tips that have made you a better photographer….

Make sure to hit the original post… Give Olaf the credit and keep the tips on one post so we can reshare it…..

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Lets share short photography tips for beginner:

Here is mine:

To gain more stops for long exposure in landscape photography:
– use a polarization filter
-expand your ISO Setting and switch to ISO50
Please share tips especially for beginners…, don’t be shy, everybody knows one.

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  1. Malte Christensen 27 Oct 2011 Reply

    Hmm, yeah, well, this Google search is also kind of good:

    photography tips for beginners

  2. Scott Clark 27 Oct 2011 Reply

    One favorite of mine is to use the on-board flash in sunlight to minimize shadows and to add catch light to their eyes…

  3. Hamish Niven 27 Oct 2011 Reply

    Shooting at ISO 50 does actually restrict your exposure range – this table is from a Nikon DX3, but the same applies to a my Canon

    Sensitivity Usable range
    ISO 50* 7.6 EV
    ISO 100 8.4 EV
    ISO 400 8.6 EV
    ISO 800 8.5 EV
    ISO 1600 8.6 EV
    ISO 3200* 9.3 EV
    ISO 6400* 7.6 EV

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