Great list from +Catherine Hall – Make sure to add who inspires you on G+

20 Aug 2011 admin In G+ Posts
Great list from +Catherine Hall – Make sure to add who inspires you on G+

I am honored someone mentioned me…… with the talent on the list I got some work to do to even be worthy…..

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Reshared post from +Catherine Hall

GOOGLERS' CHOICE: Inspirational People to Follow on Google+

I asked people to name Googlers who they find inspiring. I loved reading your answers about why someone was particularly inspirational. The following people were mentioned at least twice. Please share the list!

+Alan Shapiro—Chief Creative and Photographer

+Alireza Yavari—UX Designer, Ecommerce Strategist, Entrepreneur

+Alex Koloskov—Photographer

+Andrea Acailawen—Commercial, Editorial and Fine Art Photographer

+Brent Burzycki—Photographer

+Brian Matiash—Photographer and Writer

+Chase Jarvis—Photographer and Director

+Colby Brown—Fine Art Landscape, Travel and Humanitarian Photographer

+Elena Kalis—Conceptual Underwater Photographer

+helen sotiriadis—Architect, Photographer, Teacher, and Author

+Jarek Klimek—Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of PhotoExtract: 1150 Pixel Photoraphy Magazine

+Leo Laporte—Podcaster, broadcaster, Chief TWiT and The Tech Guy

+Lotus Carroll—Photographer and Writer

+mark daughn—Glamour Photographer

+Mary Kay—Landscape Photographer

+Nicole S. Young—Photographer and Author

+Patrick Di Fruscia—Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photographer

+Patrick Smith—Photographer, Data, and Programming

+Scott Kelby—Photographer and “Photoshop Guy”

+Thomas Hawk—Photographer and Blogger

+Teresa Stover—Visual Artist and Photographer

+Trey Ratcliff—Photographer and Educator

+Zack Arias—Editorial and Commercial Photographer

You can see all of the original responses here:

Thanks to +Steve Hoier, +linda stokes, +David Kolodij, +Bob Wood +Dave Bell, +Oscar Nonis, +Griffin C. Anderson, and Adam Butler for mentioning me! It’s an honor to be regarded as an inspiration.

Are there any other Googlers who inspire you and deserve to be recognized? Please add your recommendations to this original post.

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  1. David C. Brewster 20 Aug 2011 Reply

    It was difficult to pick just one, because in other ways I am influenced by many, you know.

  2. Brent Burzycki 20 Aug 2011 Reply

    +David C. Brewster I have to agree…..

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