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13 Jul 2014 admin In G+ Posts
+Google+ is there anyway to get more granularity for what local folders are backed up or is it all local folders or none?

Also is there any way to set how long after new Content hits the folder when it will be backed up. I would like to see a delay of a few minutes etc to help to eliminate the backing up of junk images I might just delete locally.

Are items like this on the list of features to be added… Any of my friends here know…

+Sandra Parlow +Thomas Hawk +Trey Ratcliff 

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  1. Humberto Gauna 13 Jul 2014 Reply

    Setting under photo app. Didn't see a delay. Set to WiFi only that may help. You can also delete from all locations.

  2. Brent Burzycki 13 Jul 2014 Reply

    Thanks +Humberto Gauna Sadly it seems that is the stuff I have already found… Delete from all locations is strange also… I rather have the option to delete from g+ but retain on my device… Or delete in all locations…

  3. Humberto Gauna 13 Jul 2014 Reply

    Ya. I use my computer for that option. Seems they need some tweaking on the code

  4. Sandra Parlow 13 Jul 2014 Reply

    I know nothing about this. I don't use google back up at all. I don't understand it. Sorry. <—— non technical person…

  5. Brent Burzycki 13 Jul 2014 Reply

    It's ok +Sandra Parlow

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