Good info about what all those numbers on your Memory Cards actually mean..from +B and H

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The Numbers on Your Memory Card Explained
Memory cards are as ubiquitous as memory itself—almost every mobile device you own has some type of built-in storage, from cameras to iPods to tablets, and almost every device has a slot to add additional storage space. And storage on a device can range from a couple of gigabytes of memory to dozens of gigabytes. You’ll soon find, though, that it’s never enough. Photographers Love CF

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  1. 'The formatting protocol for SD cards was FAT16 a few light years ago'
    *cringes at the use of lightyears as a unit of time…

    It's also interesting how the article mentions NTFS as filesystem, while the standard for SDXC (as far as I know) is exFAT. doesn't even mention NTFS.

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