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>+***** some +1 love……… And Reshared it so we can get a pro level portrait to the top of what's hot. I like landscapes but it's time for a change…. Hey +Karen Hutton I know you like +Lindsey Stirling music….

Reshared post from +Scott Jarvie

Another Side

For those of you that are familiar with +Lindsey Stirling and her work… an image like this might not come to mind. Lindsey and her music are full of life and energy and it's hard to not listen to her music or look at her without a huge smile.

Perhaps people look at me the same way… a goof off, a character, always smiling and lighthearted.

The other side
As with me, I believe there is another immensely spiritual and deep side to Lindsey and I'm happy to have perhaps captured a glimpse of it in this picture.

And while I'm happy to report there are a plethora of fun Lindsey pictures in the batch… this one will be one of the more unique and more interesting views.
(Though of course I very much doubt this will be selected as the new Album Cover that we were out there to shoot.)

Perfect fit
May I add… When your photography is Built on Portraying Personality it's hard not to be excited to photograph someone who is so overwhelmingly replete with personality. 

There is very minimal editing on this picture. Colors and lighting are "as shot" with the standard Jarvie lightroom import presets. WB was set to cloudy or shady in camera and the look you see comes mostly from the FIRE and all the Smoke that was drifting in front of the setting sun. (Yes we went out to this area because there was a wild-fire burning around the city.

This was the very highest aperture I shot all night f/4.5 with the 85mm lens
Usually I shoot mostly at f/1.4ish

And +Xan Baker was right off to the side of the frame holding a remote flash.

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