Fun alternate uses for Cable Ties

19 Mar 2013 admin In G+ Posts

Heart Surgery 
Students at John Hopkins University came up with the idea of using cable ties to close up a chest after heart surgery. The ties are threaded through the rib cage and fastened around the sternum. 
Child Proofing 
If you have little ones visiting your home, it doesn't make sense to purchase and install child locks on your cabinets and doors. Use cable ties to temporarily secure things from curious children. 
Mix and Match
You can mix and match different sizes and varieties of Cable Ties within each product group and receive the best possible quantity break pricing available.
In a garden, plants such as tomatoes often need assistance to grow and stand up straight. By using some ties on a plant stake, you will help to promote upward growth.
Emergency Fasteners 
When a zipper or button busts on a pair of pants, a cable tie can hold everything together. Likewise if you break a shoe lace. 
Pet Care Can't find the dog's collar?
Try a zip tie. Just be careful not to secure it too tightly. And if the precious pooch has chewed through yet another leash, create a chain of cable ties for an insta-leash. 
Too many criminals and not enough hand-cuffs? Break out some cable ties and secure the conniving thieves until the police car reaches the station. 
Bright, fluorescent cable ties can help identify a suitcase at baggage claim. This can help avoid all sorts of hassles, from thinking every black bag is yours to picking up the wrong suitcase. 
Keys are plentiful enough without adding a fancy schmancy key chain to bulk up a pocket or purse. Loop a cable tie through a set of keys and you're good to go.

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  1. Ricardo Lagos 19 Mar 2013 Reply

    eeek — i dont think i would use a cable tie as a collar for my dog — i mean .. c'mon

  2. Justin Spooner 19 Mar 2013 Reply

    +Ricardo Lagos Me neither, it sounds like a recipe for disaster!

  3. Brent Burzycki 20 Mar 2013 Reply

    just remember that zip ties come in some very wide sizes and some are even removable….. dogs are one thing.. tying my chest back together after surgery is another..

  4. Ricardo Lagos 20 Mar 2013 Reply

    +Justin Spooner .. well it will teach fido a lesson about pulling when you say "heel"

  5. Myles Nicholas 11 Mar 2014 Reply

    I have cable ties up to 3ft long also have ties with release tags too.
    Ooh and ties with built-in lable holders.

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