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Show your work to an audience of millions

Millions of people a month come to the Windows Personalization Gallery to download themes and wallpapers for their desktops. Send us your art or photography, and we might use it in the gallery, either as a wallpaper (a standalone desktop image) or a full theme (a set of desktop images and colors).

This is your chance to get your work and your name in front of a global audience while retaining full rights to all your images.

Make sure to read the details…..if you read them before you will not need to complain after….. but this is a great opportunity to get an image in front of millions of users.

Windows Gallery: An open call for art and photography – Microsoft Windows
Submit your art or photography to the Windows Personalization Gallery.

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  1. Ricardo Lagos 23 Feb 2012 Reply

    didn't read the bottom line .. but lets cut to the chase.. are they licensing or hoping to get some great free photography?

    — nvm — its at the top of the agreement

    LICENSE. By submitting your photograph, image, or artwork (“Image”) to Microsoft, you grant to Microsoft (including its subsidiaries and affiliates) a worldwide, royalty-free, fully paid-up, perpetual license, in and in relation to, personalization services and features in the Windows operating system products (e.g. Windows themes and backgrounds) and any related Microsoft websites, the Windows Personalization Gallery, and any marketing and advertising materials for such personalization services and features: (a) to copy, use, and to create derivative works based on the Image; (b) to publicly perform and display copies of and derivative works based on the Image; and (c) to distribute and license copies of and derivative works based on the Image to Microsoft customers for their personal use (“License”). You unconditionally waive: all enforcement of any moral rights and similar rights that you may have in the Image, worldwide; and any right to inspect or approve the form in which the Image may be used, and you hereby consent to any alteration to, including additions to, or deletions from the Image that would otherwise violate any moral right or similar right if done without your consent.

    — and no payment ..

    nice microsoft ..

  2. John LeFebvre 23 Feb 2012 Reply

    Hmmm, can anyone name one photographer of any existing Microsoft image? Nope? Didn't think so. Thanks, but I think I will pass…

  3. Brent Burzycki 23 Feb 2012 Reply

    Hard to weigh the cost of millions of viewers to the paid price on one image…

    I will take millions of viewers over a small single payout….. just need to select images that are used for that purpose of marketing..

    At least they give credit, unlike many places…

    And of course they give that boiler plate – I would also if I ran any service that shared images out….

  4. Shanti Gilbert 23 Feb 2012 Reply

    I agree with +Brent Burzycki its hard to weight, but I don't think its a bad opportunity, yeah they use your image for free, but you still own the rights to the image, and you get the credit…at least they are honest, unlike other sites that claim NOT to use your photos…

  5. Ananda Sim 25 Feb 2012 Reply

    LOL! I guess this shot I made yesterday would not make it –

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