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Wow.. 10 billion overall view +Trey Ratcliff congrats.. But second this photo is just well done of an epic location…

And thanks for the HDR info and tutorials over the years… They have help guide me to make my own decisions on how HDR style work could be used in my own ways for my work.

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10 Billion Views on Google – Thanks! – 10 Free Video Tutorials!

I am giving away 10 free HDR Tutorial videos to thank everyone for the 10 billion views – how insane – thank YOU so much! Just leave a comment below if you want to win – I'll pick winners in about 24 hours!

For this special day, I am uploading this new photo (19,000 pixels across!) that I just captured in the sweet spot in the northern bits of the Guangxi province, just to the south of the Guizhou and Hunan provinces of China. 桂林市 – 广西. I am standing on top of another spire (just like the ones you see!), and it was incredibly difficult, to say the least. Here's the story.

It was a muggy day, the sort where you feel your t-shirt sticking to you before you even realize it. We hired some local guides, who then hired some even more local guides to help show the way to the spire we wanted to ascend. Boy was it grueling! Jagged rocks, thorny bushes, all-fours most of the way. Sometimes the only thing to hold onto was a thorn bush or a glassy-evil-jaded rock. At the top, I looked down to see all kinds of grisly lacerations… but gathered my wits to get this photo!  My bff +Tom Anderson was very smart and wore more clothes than me to keep his skin baby-smooth. This photo is a panorama, which I don't normally do, but the Dr. Seuss countryside there is so vast and overpowering, it was kind of the only way to bring it all together.

I think I'll go back here again… if you wanna come along, sign up for our newsletter at — or if you wanna go on your own, I'll take time to detail everything there including how to contact some local guides so you can find the same spot.  

Anyway, thanks again for all the views and I'm happy you enjoy them so much here and other places on the interwebs… I used to do this back in the day when it was just me and my mom that would look at the photos… she still comes every day — hi mom! And don't worry, I got down safe and I'm putting aloe vera on the wounds just like you taught me! 🙂 

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  1. Sarah Westwood 12 Jun 2014 Reply

    Nothing more can be said the photograph says it all

  2. Lisa Bebe 12 Jun 2014 Reply

    Thank you for going to all that trouble so that we can see the beautiful result. Well done on this latest milestone.

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