F16 vs. P51 Mustang

26 Jun 2015 admin In G+ Posts

Welcome to my Aviation Collection and thanks for following…. Many have started following, let me know where you found out about the Collection in the comments….



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  1. Jimi Lopez 26 Jun 2015 Reply

    Growing up always wanted to be a P51 mustang pilot

  2. Brent Burzycki 26 Jun 2015 Reply

    +Jimi Lopez Oh I hear that comment and raise you a P38

  3. Ajay Chauhan 26 Jun 2015 Reply


  4. Dan Goodes 26 Jun 2015 Reply

    Following along from Melbourne, Australia.

    The collection popped up in my feed as one of the Featured Collections – I had a look at the amazing pics you post, and here I am 🙂

  5. Brent Burzycki 26 Jun 2015 Reply

    Thanks +Dan Goodes​ I had a feeling it might have been featured…

  6. Mike Keller 26 Jun 2015 Reply

    That's pretty awesome!

  7. Shelly Gunderson 26 Jun 2015 Reply

    Cool image!

  8. Michael Nestler 26 Jun 2015 Reply

    I already followed you 🙂

  9. Chris Torres 27 Jun 2015 Reply

    Awesome my kids love watching planes fly..I love to watch them enjoy every minute of it pass by..

  10. Donnie Hunter 28 Jun 2015 Reply

    I love this picture at a 16 in the Mustang flying side by side that's a nice picture

  11. Jimi Lopez 28 Jun 2015 Reply

    Thanks Brent I grew up loving planes,w.w.ll aces and the p 47 mustang D

  12. Jimi Lopez 28 Jun 2015 Reply

    P38…..p51 ….p47…. Ha-ha man my mind is going getting old,thanks Brent

  13. Eugene Lightner 28 Jun 2015 Reply

    I1l was an a&e mech during my time in the USAF and learned to fly by talking and flying with my pilots. We had Some 51 with fusaloge tank removed and 2 nd set of controls installed for training. When that ship was up for an insp. flight I would bum a ride. It came in handy once when we had to change eng on abandoned air strip close to the action, an as my pilot arrived small arms fire kept him from exciting the pby and I took off with the pby right behind me. When I got back to base they had to send one up talk
    me down. After 5 attempts we went out 5 miles and I finally got it on the ground in one piece. Would love to try again. But at 85 I doubt if my friend that ownes one would let me try.

  14. Brent Burzycki 29 Jun 2015 Reply

    +Eugene Lightner​ excellent story…. Maybe someone here will make that come true

  15. Somsak panjing 29 Jun 2015 Reply


  16. Helen Mudie 9 Jul 2015 Reply

    Love this picture.xxx

  17. nathan raiz 30 Jul 2015 Reply

    love it the power of flight

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