F-Stops Explained Through Animation

12 Jul 2013 admin In G+ Posts

Pretty cool +Nicole S. Young

Originally shared by +Nicole S. Young

F-Stops Explained Through Animation

I recently shared another animated GIF, showing the change in aperture from f/1.4 to f/22. I created this animation two years ago, just after +Google+ was born, and thought it was worth re-posting once again 🙂

The background in this shot is white string-lights … you can see them come into focus more and more as the aperture gets smaller.

Camera Info:
• Canon 7D
• Canon 70-200mm f/4 IS lens (set to 200mm for maximum compression)


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  1. Very nice and useful animation! Thanks for sharing +Nicole S. Young. 🙂

  2. Nick Young-Soares 12 Jul 2013 Reply

    All I can think of is Candy Crush!

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