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01 Apr 2012 admin In G+ Posts

Well I have not posted anything too sexy here in some time.. and I see stuff much worse than this post popping up here almost everyday so we will see what the response might be….

If you want to be in a special circle where I share out more erotic images that might not be as suitable for public but still fall under the TOS here – please let me know…

That said… if the blowback continues, I rather stick to sharing an offsite link that protects more sensitive eyes…

I have determined that unless you are +Jessi June posting hot images in many ways seems to kill follower growth when friends I know posts photos of landscapes and other non sensual content and their followers grow astronomically.. thus it might be time to look at the overall business plan….

Hmm – maybe sex does not sell…….or does it?

What is your opinion…

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  1. Ben Petro 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    It sells, put me in it!

  2. Sandra Parlow 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    I think it's a beautiful image Brent. I don't know about any of that stuff – but I do know that several people have special circles that they share material to that might be questionable. It seems to work for them.

    I'm not squeamish- you can put me in your circle if you like – if I decide I don't' want to see it any more I'll just ask you to remove me from it. I have absolutely no problem with well shot nudes.

  3. Lee Punyer 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki This is a fantastic photo, and as a mature photography student, I'm always happy to Learn different techniques and compositions. Stunning work. Special circle for me.

  4. Tone Kravanja 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    Count me in. This photo is great!

  5. Gene Bowker 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    if Sandra can handle it, so can I =)

  6. Keep it up! I'm in!

  7. Brent Burzycki 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    +Gene Bowker I think +Sandra Parlow can handle things that I might not be able too… 🙂

  8. Mike Hunz 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    Brent, your work is good, its not trash…count me in if you please!

  9. BJ Denenberg 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    You can see far more sensual images on prime time tv, whether you want to or not. Your images are tasteful and interesting – do what you do.

  10. Chris Neves 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    count me in that circle

  11. Aris Routis 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    Absolutely fabulous capture. Count me in!

  12. Jessi June 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki Have I become the default defacto litmus test to determining what can be posted in respects to levels of nudity?? "The Jessi June Test" ?? lol. Somebodies gotta bring some sexiness to G+!! 🙂 😉 Lol.

  13. Brent Burzycki 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    +Jessi June We call it the JJT Baseline……

  14. Jessi June 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki It just tells you that you've garned a much more conservative audience, and therefore you should pander to that aspect. Me?? I've garnered the complete opposite, hence why I've started posting more pictures and less writings. I'll build my "readership" somewhere else now and keep the "viewership" on G+ since thats what my followers prefer. Don't try to do everything, or you'll never win… lol

  15. Sandra Parlow 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    BA hAA ha haaaaa!! nice one +Brent Burzycki !!

  16. Kim Troutman 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    Interesting photo 🙂

  17. Damian Sanchez 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    I'd like to be in this special circle, +Brent Burzycki , please.

  18. Brent Burzycki 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    +Jessi June oh I agree and also agree with your opinion about your stuff… it is an interesting test of society…I try not to pander thou.. I am not sure that is why i like being here….it would be different thou with a zillion followers…

    +Sandra Parlow I just remember something about a moose? was that you? (Not that this will not be taken way out of context without an explanation)

  19. Sandra Parlow 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    ooh- yeah – hey – once you go moose, you never go … um… never mind….

  20. Chris LaCour 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    If +Sandra Parlow 's Moosie shot wasn't flagged as inappropriate you should have no problem with your work +Brent Burzycki !
    Seriously, though, you really shouldn't have a problem with any of your images. They are all fine by me!
    Now for some ice cream…

  21. Sandra Parlow 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    lol +Chris LaCour ! what did YOU do with YOUR copy?? 😉

  22. Ron Ward 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    Please include me in your beyond the JJT Basline circle. The picture above is lovely.

  23. Chris LaCour 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    Haha! I can't say, +Sandra Parlow !

  24. Sandra Parlow 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    uh huh… +Chris LaCour … I see… 😉

  25. Brent Burzycki 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    Sadly any nudes here are totally against the rules….not an issue thou there are places for that….like my own site or 500px

  26. Brent Burzycki 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    Its always the little things that get us…..

  27. David Route 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    I love your work +Brent Burzycki. Please put me in your circle; though I view a lot of your work on 500px, it would be great to see here too.

  28. As a mature adult who takes responsibility for what he sees, I would like to join if I can.
    Sex does sell but sometimes the advertiser gets the wrong idea.
    Case in point; a few years ago I saw a commercial that featured a fireplace with a shaggy carpet, marble walls, and an instrumental playing in the background to suggest sensuality. Then, a Barry White-esque voice over said in a somewhat slow tone; "TENDER, JUICY, HOT, MOIIIISSSSTTTTT!!!". Cut to a chicken pacing the shaggy carpet, it was a commercial for some company selling frozen chicken parts trying to emphasize that, "yes even our breasts are the best and the thighs aren't far behind".

  29. Korry Hill 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    if you're still adding peeps, sign me up 🙂

  30. Jason Keomany 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    Add me.

  31. Brent Burzycki 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    Oh trust me on the fact I like to post what interests me…. in doing that you can lose or gain viewers of that…we all have a bad day…I will also say that I like to know the people I follow and hopefully those that follow me are real…real people post all kinds of different things….many get angry when people mix real life and work life on social networks…..I want to see both and both in some kind of moderation…..because too much of the same thing does tend to bore me at least….

  32. Is that Alyssa Milano or a case of wishful thinking on my part? The girl is pretty.

  33. Dean Sonneborn 1 Apr 2012 Reply

    have you looked into 500px? you might get more interest there.

  34. Brent Burzycki 2 Apr 2012 Reply

    +cardasian williams if that was alyssa milano I would have had to do a ton of wishful thinking…

    +Dean Sonneborn yes I have a profile there also… I am not unhappy with my interest here.. I am reaching out to ask what interests people that follow me… just hoping for some replies from the 30K plus that are…with honest answers of why they follow and what they look to see in their stream.. as I see it many never ask and some just do not care.. others here ask and never get replies and then some get a bit of both.

    I have not had bad fallout from what I am shooting now with my photography, I have just seen very interesting trends here as far as follower count and content….

  35. +Brent Burzycki :
    Alyssa Milano + Impressionalble Adolescent = The love of my life…
    At least in MY head!

  36. Brent Burzycki 2 Apr 2012 Reply

    +cardasian williams best part about it – even thou she is married off now… she is very cool in the social media world… and actually interacts with her followers…. but yes – I believe most of us were in love with her….at least once…

  37. Ah yes….the memories….at least that!

  38. Sumit Sen 2 Apr 2012 Reply

    That is a lovely shot! You can add me in.

  39. Chris LaCour 2 Apr 2012 Reply

    My wife still teases me about the crush I had on Alyssa Milano!

  40. kris finzel 2 Apr 2012 Reply

    add me to this special circle? please?

  41. Elizabeth Hahn 2 Apr 2012 Reply

    Put me in what ever circle you wish +Brent Burzycki – as to whether or not glamour is more popular than landscapes, or other kinds, well maybe. I don't think it has anything to do with the quality, but first, in general it's going to appeal to more men than women. That cuts down your potential pool. Plus for some people, it's not appropriate to see at work, or even at home around family. I've also seen some people put a cover page that says NSFW, or something like that. You click on that to see the second image in the album.

  42. Tim Bohannon 3 Apr 2012 Reply

    Heck yes – put me in too.

  43. Great Photo!!!
    Please add me to your Special Circle, 😉

  44. Rick Bucich 10 Apr 2012 Reply

    throw me in:)

  45. Peter Aikins 11 Apr 2012 Reply

    Nice image +Brent Burzycki put me in on the circle as I can see from your work that you are striving for great photography. I'm starting out learning photography and find you inspirational as you are further down that road than I am.

  46. Cynthia Pyun 13 Apr 2012 Reply

    As usual, +Brent Burzycki LOVE your work. This is lovely with all that toned body against the soft tones of light you've created. Yup, lovely and gorgeous.

  47. Brent Burzycki 13 Apr 2012 Reply

    Thanks +Cynthia Pyun

  48. Peter Aikins 13 Apr 2012 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki Ask yourself which is better: to be engaged with people that respect your work, or to have a lot of people who follow work that does not resonate deep in you? Isn't the later living a lie? I'm a beginner, but I respect your work and want you to keep going your own way.

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