Exceptional close up of a Canadian F-86, circa 1950s

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  1. Qwerty Uiop 12 Sep 2016 Reply

    Sabre jet

  2. Darth Minty 12 Sep 2016 Reply

    With the Red Ensign Dominion of Canada flag, from before the Maple Leaf. My great uncle flew one just like this, it was his favorite fighter.

  3. chandoul driss 12 Sep 2016 Reply

    waaaaw is a historical airplane the first ennemi of german soldiers 1950

  4. Chance Bishop 18 Sep 2016 Reply

    The super sabre

  5. Mark Bruni 22 Sep 2016 Reply

    +chandoul driss what the hell r u talking about they fought Russian migs!

  6. chandoul driss 23 Sep 2016 Reply

    +Mark Bruni is the first model 1943 !

  7. Darth Minty 23 Sep 2016 Reply

    +chandoul driss no, it wasn't. You must be thinking of a different fighter.

  8. Mark Bruni 23 Sep 2016 Reply

    +chandoul driss wrong try 1950 in time for Korean war design for swept wings came from captured German designs America had only piston aircraft during ww2. Germans and Brits had jets

  9. Mark Bruni 23 Sep 2016 Reply

    +Chance Bishop wrong the F100 was the super sabre it was supersonic had an afterburner F86 had none

  10. Mark Bruni 23 Sep 2016 Reply

    The P59 was the first American jet it saw no combat

  11. Darth Minty 23 Sep 2016 Reply

    +Mark Bruni these ppl with the Internet at their fingertips….. it's not like it's hard to look up. Smh. The F-86 will always be one of my favorites. I used to have some really great glossy photos my great uncle sent me of him in his fighter. Unfortunately, they were destroyed in a flood. He also flew the Vampire & the super saber but he always loved the F-86.

  12. Oleg Borne 23 Oct 2016 Reply

    F-86 "Sabre"

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