Dying for the xBox one? You can now pre-order it

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  1. Kevin Gault 11 Jun 2013 Reply

    Not for what they are doing and the price.

  2. Brent Burzycki 11 Jun 2013 Reply

    It is going to replace my sony google TV and give me a better blue ray – so that is one thing… for me at least…

  3. Brent Coltun 11 Jun 2013 Reply

    I'll be doing this on Saturday when I go into work!

  4. Brent Burzycki 11 Jun 2013 Reply

    End of Nov is a huge wait if you ask me..

  5. Alan Garcia 11 Jun 2013 Reply

    Cant wait for it im so excited!

  6. Brent Coltun 11 Jun 2013 Reply

    Gf baby due in Jan… I'll have some sleepless nights for sure after this comes out so perfect timing.

  7. Stephanie Hervan 11 Jun 2013 Reply

    no thanks

  8. Nick Young-Soares 11 Jun 2013 Reply

    Both these consoles get me all excited, then I just have to look over at the PS3 I have gathering dust and remember how much I want my money back for that. 🙂 I want them, but I never end up using them much.

  9. Brent Burzycki 11 Jun 2013 Reply

    I will agree that my xbox360 is used much less these days… And in should sell it now with all my games before it has no resale value…

  10. dave chavez 11 Jun 2013 Reply

    I hope theres alot of X1 haters so i have enough time to reserve mine

  11. Kevin Gault 11 Jun 2013 Reply

    After seeing specs on PS4 I think I'd prefer the PS4 over the Xbox1 and just keep my Xbox360.

  12. dave chavez 11 Jun 2013 Reply

    If I were that worried about specs I'd just build a PC.

  13. Brent Burzycki 12 Jun 2013 Reply

    I was never impressed with the PS anything… but I have friends that swear by them.. I like the idea of a box that can lay info over my cable box info.. many do not – I use my google tv daily.. its not a fantastic experience but I did not expect it to be – now I want gen 2 of that tech.. all I know is they better have a real remote available as I am not going to channel surf with the gaming remote..

  14. Kevin Gault 12 Jun 2013 Reply

    +dave chavez It's not just the hardware. It's also the lock down Microsoft is putting on games and the system itself. Why should I have to log in into the every 24 hrs if I want to play a game. I don't play my xbox that often but when I do, at least I know my machine isn't locked because I haven't played it for 3 days.
    Microsoft will fail entering the consumer entertainment market much like the marketing of Windows8.
    I'm not impressed by Sony anything, but they have a good eye on what gamers want in a system.
    I have a Tivo box that replaced my cable box and gives me access to hulu, netflix Amazon Prime so don't need Microsoft's attempt at it.

  15. Brent Burzycki 12 Jun 2013 Reply

    Xbox 1 is not a gaming system… It is that and other things.. Other things also need always on connections.. My roku3 is always on… Updating etc… My cable box calls home all the time and if I lose cable connection it will not allow me to view the dvr content without calling home.. So I am pretty used to always on..

  16. Kevin Gault 12 Jun 2013 Reply

    And how will you play if internet goes down? No games for you. That's my biggest issue with this new xbox. Heck even my current xbox isn't connected to the web.

  17. dave chavez 12 Jun 2013 Reply

    Im always online, i dont borrow or sell games. I dont personally dont see a problem with the X1. I like the xbox exclusives more than playstation exclusives. These lockdowns as you call them wont hurt anyone except my brothers deployed across the pond, but microsoft will still support the 360 to remedy that.

  18. Eric Adeleye 12 Jun 2013 Reply

    I need to read up on what the Xbox One is all about.

  19. dave chavez 12 Jun 2013 Reply

    As for internet being down, my internet has never been down for anymore than a couple of hours. I still have a 24 hour window. Again not seeing a problem.

  20. Brent Burzycki 12 Jun 2013 Reply

    Rumor is 24hrs disconnected till it locks out… So me being realistic I have not lost internet at my house for that ammount of time in the last 8 years…. And with my roommate and myself we have 2 internet connections with 2 different providers…. And with me I game much less than I watch TV movies and such… I think it's more about what you need to do with it than anything.. Pick your poison

  21. Kevin Gault 12 Jun 2013 Reply

    Well I'll admit that I have a very nice entertainment system already so I don't need it. My blu-ray is hooked up to the net and gets firmware updates as does my receiver for newer things. My PC is now next to it as my new apartment has one less room. If I get the gumption my tv may become my PC monitor. So I just want a gaming box.
    But you're right, you pick your poison either way.

  22. dave chavez 12 Jun 2013 Reply

    Im sold on the X1, but to each their own.

  23. Kevin Gault 12 Jun 2013 Reply

    If I knew more console gamers. Then it's this:
    LOL they got one of reasons right.

  24. Brent Burzycki 12 Jun 2013 Reply

    smartasses 🙂

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