Do you like cool photos of fire trucks?

05 Mar 2013 admin In G+ Posts Tags: is the place to check out – We work with this company on many projects per year as We supply emergency lighting and siren equipment to them. They have a great staff photographer that takes photos of all the new deliveries. This one caught my eye as its just cool.

Pay them a visit at their site or check them out on


This would be a photographer dream job…..

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  1. Stephen Dickson 5 Mar 2013 Reply

    Come on +Mick S  lets see what the Aussies can do.

  2. Brent Burzycki 5 Mar 2013 Reply

    I am pretty sure these trucks form Voltron

  3. Vincent Kuepper 5 Mar 2013 Reply

    Love it…my brother-in-law works for them in Appleton

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