Day 2 with Xbox One

24 Nov 2013 admin In G+ Posts

Ryse is really a beautiful game.. way better graphics than Assassins Creed Black Flag – that said you pay dearly for the graphics with load screen times of 2-3 minutes in some cases and a very long initial install and start-up phase. So my hint of the day is never die in the game and you will not be plagued by the load times…

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  1. Azure Mallone 24 Nov 2013 Reply

    They lost me at 720p.

  2. Brent Coltun 24 Nov 2013 Reply

    It's because these companies can't build games at the higher 1080. Look at PS4 with COD and all the frame rate drops.

  3. Azure Mallone 24 Nov 2013 Reply

    My laptop is 3 years old and I run Games at 1600×900 and 1080p without drops.

    My PS3 had 1080p Games that don't drop.

    Are you sure about the frame rate drops?

  4. Ricardo Williams 24 Nov 2013 Reply

    What are your reviews on the Xbox One +Brent Burzycki 

  5. Azure Mallone 24 Nov 2013 Reply

    I think you should read that over again, +Brent Coltun. The outdated game engine they refer to is the game engine itself from EA and not the PS4.

    Learn to read. 

    I quote the article itself, boy:
    "The real kicker is that the PlayStation 4 is not suffering from frame stutter in Call of Duty: Ghosts based on the benchmarks, but rather frame drops because it's trying to output more frames than what the game was designed to run on the console."

    EA fucked up, not Sony. Other games are just fine.

  6. Brent Coltun 24 Nov 2013 Reply

    Agreed, I never said it was the system causing it. Look at what I said about companies not able to build games not Sony

  7. Azure Mallone 24 Nov 2013 Reply

    I did. I was taking about the consoles. The xbox one cannot do 720p at all, excluding video and the menu. Design flaw versus software, which the ps4 doesn't suffer.

    I want full 1080p and Sony provides it. Rather have that than gimmicky multitasking of TV and game or Skype. If I wanted that, I'd just pc game in the living room.

    Oh wait, I do that too.

    But you're right, I did misread you too. Sorry about that.

  8. Brent Burzycki 24 Nov 2013 Reply

    If I was a game designer I would up my game and bring a better experience to the user than just worry about money… All these games have so many bugs it is like they do not test anything… But technically so do the consoles.. I beta test software for other companies and I would be ashamed if I let stuff out that's so full of us that are in obvious game play…. 

    This goes for all of these devices and software

  9. Brent Coltun 24 Nov 2013 Reply

    1080p 60FPS… Xbox One…

    Looks like it'll play 1080P…

  10. Azure Mallone 24 Nov 2013 Reply

    How? Microsoft specs say it's locked at 720p.

  11. Brent Coltun 24 Nov 2013 Reply

    Where, since Forza is Microsoft built its self…

  12. Azure Mallone 24 Nov 2013 Reply

    Bungie spun off and is independent of Microsoft now. Still, that explains a lot.

    Unlocked for family and unlocked for a fee for friends, eh?

    Typical Microsoft bilking developers…

  13. Lance Bell 24 Nov 2013 Reply

    Oh god 720p vs 1080p vs 900p debates lol. Frame rate > resolution

  14. Chuck Jackson 17 Jan 2014 Reply

    "Way better" graphics than AC4? Really?!?! Hmmm – we have the XBO and AC4 and we are pretty impressed with the game so Ryse must be incredible!

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