Capture Camera Clip v2: Last 48 hours of the campaign!

22 Aug 2013 admin In G+ Posts

Just backed it.. looks interesting.. Thanks to +Chris Chabot for the share out…. See what it does here:

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Capture Camera Clip v2: Last 48 hours of the campaign!

I received special pre-order edition of my The Capture Camera Clip v2 a few days ago. I had to go for the special limited 'naked' (non painted) edition since it just looks killer with this camera.

Their offices are just a few blocks away from me I thought I'd go by to say hello and tell them how awesome I think their product is, they're such awesome folks and their passion for photography and their products really shine through.

If you're not familiar with it yet: You fasten a plate (square red thing in the image) to your camera like you would with a tripod plate, put the clip on your belt, backpack, or anywhere else really and you can now hang out camera off it & you now always have your camera handy without it hitting you as it's dangling around on a strap around your neck.

Next to that the clip is also usable on a tripod, they have a few models, the one I have is the Arca compatible one which works a dream with the RRS tripods I have – so there's no need to change plates or anything.

This is the last chance to get in before the campaign is done and you have to wait for them to make their way through the distribution channels – the fact that they made $ 728k of the $100k goal on kickstarter says all you need to know about just how incredibly cool this product is.


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  1. Kevin Gault 22 Aug 2013 Reply

    Thanks for the share. I just backed it. It's a great idea.

  2. Chris Chabot 22 Aug 2013 Reply

    +Kevin Gault they're on $730.000 of a $100.000 goal – quite far in the safe zone 🙂

  3. Kevin Gault 22 Aug 2013 Reply

    +Chris Chabot It's been a long day. I didn't even look at the funding portion. lol I just found the value I wanted to donate and clicked through. That is awesome though.

  4. Mark Bienvenu 22 Aug 2013 Reply

    I looked at the original version a few times and I've looked at this one a few times, but never got around to ordering one – mostly because I don't like the shape/style of the quick release plates.. I love their minimalist Leash camera strap though. It's the only one I use now.

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