Call to all that follow or see the post – take a second to read and give your point…

18 Apr 2012 admin In G+ Posts
Call to all that follow or see the post – take a second to read and give your point of view

Well here is another not safe for G+ image that was taken some time ago..
I would love to hear some feedback for what works and what does not if anything either way… Read the rest of the post and add your opinions to the items below also – I would like to hear from a diverse group of lovers and haters of images that contain nudity

I am looking for way to change both my photo style, and photo editing to make the stuff I shoot more enjoyable to a much larger audience, that said moving more toward sexy and less nude might be one of those directions as unfun as that might sound. We all have to make our sacrifices….

If Nudity offends, then wait for another post….. if you like what you see and frequent 500px, drop a like or vote….. but I am more interested in first impressions and real critiques f what you like and why….

I am even more interested in how, where and why you might or might not like images that might include nudity. – Open Discussion – feel free to comment – pro or con*

Photo portfolio of Brent Burzycki on 500px.

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  1. Elizabeth Hahn 18 Apr 2012 Reply

    That's a lot of questions +Brent Burzycki !

    1. Very first impression – loved the lighting.
    2. Next impression – her hair seemed too artificially placed to cover her breasts – I guess I don't see why if she's showing her lower stars, why hide the upper ones? 🙂
    3. The reflection in the mirror is a little distracting to me (maybe because I'm not a guy?)
    4. I do think it's a beautiful photo though – she looks very beautiful and not photoshopped.

    If I'm at home, I generally don't care if I see it. If I'm at work, I'd prefer not to, even though no one would probably see it. I really appreciate how this was presented – I can look if appropriate, or not, if it's not a good time.

  2. Alex Kowalczyk 18 Apr 2012 Reply

    Elizabeth, I don't find the reflection distracting. Would it still be distracting if it was photoshop'd to have no reflection though? A good suggestion might be to have fogged up the mirror with steam. She has definitely been photoshopped though, but not overly, which I like. Also, I like how it's not too over-exposed like some other shots, and how it seems to have a single colour for the theme.

  3. Brent Burzycki 18 Apr 2012 Reply

    Yeh it is very clear that nudity does not sell in many cases on the social networking arena….for many reasons mentioned.

    I want to create interesting images that also show sexuality in a light that is apart from what many might consider when they think sexually explicit. I have tried to do this over the years and its all well and good for friends to say wow…nut if its not sharable these days what is the point for the most part. the end I do this as a hobby and hobbies are supposed to be fun….and its much more fun to get feedback from a larger audience or cross section…

  4. Jason Keomany 18 Apr 2012 Reply

    I do think it's a lovely shot, well lit and I'm perfectly fine with the mirror as is. As far as the hair over the breasts but nothing covering the stars, to me it's a little cleaner. Where her stars are, it isn't a blatant vag shot either, combined with leaving just a little to the imagination with the hair over the nipples. It leaves something, regardless of how little for the imagination.

  5. Jason Keomany 18 Apr 2012 Reply

    Plus I'm a guy… trying to be as objective as possible.

  6. Elizabeth Hahn 18 Apr 2012 Reply

    I should clarify – I don't mind that there is a reflection (unless you are shooting vampires…) I just find what the reflection is of to be a bit distracting. If it was only of the bright window to match the high-keyishness of the rest of the shot, then I think it would work better, it's just the contrast of the bright window with the darker room that keeps me looking there. But then again, I'm sure I'm not your target audience for this 🙂

  7. Brent Burzycki 18 Apr 2012 Reply

    Psst…that's why you cannot see me in the mirror…..

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