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And I never thought I would get to see a potential nuclear attack…

NKorea clears its military to attack US with nukes
Published: Today

PAJU, South Korea (AP) – North Korea warned Thursday that its military has been cleared to attack the U.S. using "smaller, lighter and diversified" nuclear weapons, while the U.S. said it will strengthen regional protection by deploying a missile defense system to Guam

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  1. Magnus Akselvoll 4 Apr 2013 Reply

    Just discovered moods in the G+ app. Is this something people will use?

  2. Vee Ess 4 Apr 2013 Reply

    People talk of development and growth…and here we have people talking nuclear use. Obviously, everyone has the right to defend and so does tge US. Its not good….consumes resources. The world already has a lot on its plate….

  3. Brent Burzycki 4 Apr 2013 Reply

    Being an idiot in public is not against any laws… Threatening the world / and the US by saying you will fling nuclear missiles or devices at us is problematic… And all I can say is important people need to get on this situation…. I can only hope those that are watching this and making plans to protect us are not politicians but are actually wise individuals that know what they are doing….

  4. George Kalogeris 4 Apr 2013 Reply

    I hope US sends smart negotiators to korea

  5. Brent Burzycki 4 Apr 2013 Reply

    Very hard to negotiate with a crazy person on their own turf…

  6. Magnus Akselvoll 4 Apr 2013 Reply

    I agree. We should not negotiate with North Korea but focus on humanitary aid. If any country is attacked by them, I hope the response will do it's best to spare further civil loss.

    The tragedy is not about to happen in Korea  it has been going on for the last 60 years.

  7. Vee Ess 4 Apr 2013 Reply

    I do not comment on any class or figures but, I agree with Brent on the seriousness of the issue. One doesn't flash nukes in a civilized world….

  8. Todd Green 4 Apr 2013 Reply

    I wonder why he is doing this.  It doesn't make sense in terms of gaining what he wants from the outside world.  Seems he's only posturing for his people.  I'm sure we all hope it doesn't go any further than posturing, but he's basically waving a gun in the face of America.  It almost seems as if he is doing his best to provoke a response, which as I said, makes little sense.

  9. Aaron Albrecht 4 Apr 2013 Reply

    They don't even have the capability to launch a nuclear attack, unless they have significantly advanced slingshot technology.

    No reason to talk to them, that only gives their angry rhetoric legitimacy.

  10. Brent Burzycki 4 Apr 2013 Reply

    +Aaron Albrecht and you know this how? I mean actually know this… Not just what the media says as we know this is never the real truth…

    We would be insane to ignore the threats… I am not saying we need to give him credit for anything… But we better damn well consider north Korea a major issue and act accordingly…. If we do not at least react in sone way and it does not need to be publicly.. Then I have truly lost all faith in our current government

  11. R.D Beerman 4 Apr 2013 Reply

    +Aaron Albrecht North Korea has launched multiple satellites into both Low and geostationary orbit, which means that they can also place a nuclear bomb anywhere on the planet.

  12. Brent Burzycki 5 Apr 2013 Reply

    +R.D Beerman thou it might be luck and they have had multiple failures.. I worry even a misplaced failure could easily cover the globe in dirty or radioactive fallout.. even if the mess landed right back on North Korea – that would be a huge world wide concern…

  13. Aaron Albrecht 5 Apr 2013 Reply

    That is just one of many articles discussing just what I said. North Korea has nothing to benefit from launching a nuclear attack even if they did have the capability to do so. This is all just tough talk for the new leader to win the respect of his military. The more he perpetuates the idea that the US is a mortal enemy to his people, the more he can keep his country under his tight control.

    The US could never be hit by North Korea, but South Korea and Japan could so it would be incredibly foolish to risk our allies well being over idle threats.

  14. Aaron Albrecht 5 Apr 2013 Reply

    +R.D Beerman I'm only aware of 1 satellite being launched successfully, what was the other one? It's also worth mentioning that mounting a nuclear bomb on the top of a missile is more complicated than mounting a satellite. I'm not saying they aren't trying to get to that point, but that they currently aren't there yet.

    Let's not forget the U.S. Navy could most likely take out any missile if they did actually try to shoot one at us. That's why I really don't see any reason to worry. We all have a greater chance of being killed walking down the street than from a nuclear bomb.

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