Are you a Landscape Photographer? Then you want to be part of this circle….Hand selected monthly by the Moderators of the Community

Check out the Landscape Photo Community and post your work, ask for help, look for inspiration, just be cool with the rest of us…

If you have questions just hit up a moderator to get you the help you need. Since I am one you can always just ask me also…

At over 170K plus strong, its the largest community for Landscape photography on G+

Originally shared by +Margaret Tompkins


The Landscape Photography Community Proudly Announces the Great Photographers Selected for Their #LandscapePhotoOfTheDay by the Moderators of LPC !! These are the finest landscape photographers who inspire the moderators!! They are sure to inspire you too!!!

Congratulations to all the great photographers selected in August, 2013. Some had photographs selected more than once!! The moderators of LPC are also included in this circle. Check out all the great photographers in the Inspiration category!! We highly recommend that you share and enjoy!!!

Do you want to be included? Check out this post in the Rules category for details on how you too can be included:

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