Anyone know if you can share a video from the mobile G+ android app?

06 Nov 2011 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Karin Nelson 6 Nov 2011 Reply

    I don't have an android, but I believe you can, while you cannot from an iPhone (which I know for sure).

  2. Eric Krebs 6 Nov 2011 Reply

    Your video? Or a video from a post?

  3. Brent Burzycki 6 Nov 2011 Reply

    Video taken on the phone….i swear it used to be there….or i am totally missing something…

  4. Brent Burzycki 6 Nov 2011 Reply

    So i have instant upload set….oh………… so sharing now groups photos and videos…..

    You cannot start a hangout thou right….?

  5. Brent Burzycki 6 Nov 2011 Reply

    Ok pretty sure videos do not upload from mobile…..I wanted to do an equipment overview for a shoot tomorrow and upload it….guess i will do it on the real camera and upload it after….

  6. Eric Krebs 6 Nov 2011 Reply

    Just read this:

    MrEvan Google Employee 8/6/11

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback.

    At the moment, there's no way to shoot a video from within the Google+ Android app or to easily share a video to Google+ from Gallery the same way you can with a photo.

    There actually is instant upload for videos – you just need to ensure that you have the correct Instant Upload settings in place: Settings >> Instant Upload Settings. If your phone tries to upload videos that are too big, you may see an error.

    The team will keep continue to think about ways to improve the Google+ experience with videos, and your feedback is quite valuable!


    P.S. Check out the Google+ Mobile discussion forum next time you have a Google+ suggestion, idea, question, issue:

  7. Brent Burzycki 6 Nov 2011 Reply

    So when you check from a computer that folder states photos and videos…..when you enable instant upload from the mobile app it states photos only……..hmmmm

  8. Justin Vokey 6 Nov 2011 Reply

    just upload it using the youtube app

  9. Charles Hogge 6 Nov 2011 Reply

    I just upload my stuff to Picasa instantly or not and then just share it from there. You can set it up to instantly download if you hold your finger on the file for a few seconds it give you the option on my Droid X.

  10. Stuart Owen 6 Nov 2011 Reply

    Videos used to instantly upload from the Mobile app on Android (don't know about the iOS version). However, it would appear this feature has been removed in the latest Android app and its photos only.

  11. Brent Burzycki 6 Nov 2011 Reply

    Ok then I am not crazy as I am sure the older version of the app had video upload……now it seems to be gone…

  12. Stuart Owen 6 Nov 2011 Reply


    "2. Instant upload of videos (from SD card AND other storage): this functionality is not supported in the newest version of the app. But, we've heard many users asking for it to come back, so our team is talking about providing it again as soon as possible."

  13. Mattias Davidsson 12 Nov 2011 Reply

    They cannot just remove that without a proper notice. I relied on the instant upload for my photos AND videos, and yes it used to do that in earlier version. I almost lost a bunch ov videos of my son when emptying my card. Lucky enough I double checked if ALL was uploaded. It wasnt.

  14. Stuart Owen 12 Nov 2011 Reply

    I've heard from +Punit Soni that they will be bringing it back.

  15. Brent Burzycki 12 Nov 2011 Reply

    +Stuart Owen that would be great……

  16. Eric Krebs 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    Video instant uploads are back after my last update 🙂

  17. Brent Burzycki 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    +Eric Krebs yep – it does seem so… now sadly my battery cannot keep up….

  18. Mattias Davidsson 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    A good way is as default set it to upload videos only when charging.

  19. Brent Burzycki 12 Dec 2011 Reply

    Sadly thou I think there is no way to force the upload….I need to give it more of a looking over tomorrow…

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